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Finland’s Amnesty International spokesman, Frank ‘Scum State’ Johansson, really isn’t the sharpest knife in the kitchen drawer. He has a habit of speaking out on subjects he hasn’t the slightest clue about. For Frank, the fact that a US governor is at loggerheads with the massive unions in his state, is reason enough to call it an issue of “human rights”.

Frank Johansson: A week’s holiday in New York, relying on American television and newspapers, brought forward the Middle East, moreover, a furious battle for workers’ rights, which are currently going on in the U.S. Midwest. The biggest protests have occurred in Wisconsin, where in the streets of the capital Madison a week ago, marched over a 100 000 people. The state’s Congress was packed with 10 000 demonstrators . There lives in Wisconsin live roughly the same number of people here in Finland, Madison is home to some 250 000.

Well it appears Frank was following everything he could from the miserable leftist main stream media, so to be fair, this is also an indictment on CNN, ABC, NBS and CBS as well as the New York Slimes etc.. Frank of course believes that everything that the Left deems as a “right”, is in fact a “right”, even if it comes at the expense of the average taxpayer.

Wisconsin’s Republican Governor, in connection with trying to cut costs not only in the budget, but also in cutting almost all the rights to collective bargaining by the workers’ unions representatives. Employees understand the need to cut and are willing to a wage cut, but do not want to waive their rights, which can be found in the Declaration of Human Rights Law in article 23.

Eh,…first of all, Wisconsin governor, Scott Walker, is not cutting “almost all the the rights to collective bargaining, far from it. It’s obvious that Frank is not aware (but maybe he is) that the governor is only focusing on pension and healthcare costs which the powerful unions have managed to negotiate with the Democrat run house over the years, to receive entirely free at the taxpayers expense.

The taxpayers do not enjoy such lucrative perks and neither can the state any longer afford them. The governor is intent on forcing these public employees to fork over a meager percentage for their health care costs and half of the cost for their pensions, which is still far more than other state employees enjoy, let alone private sector employees.

The fact that Governor walker is still allowing government employees to have collective bargaining for their wages, at all, is a gift, something of which all federal employees do not enjoy, neither do many other public employees in other states in the Union.

Frank then quotes the universal declaration of human rights law, something of which can never override US constitution law, nor should it, and the portion he quotes, article 23, has nothing to do with the issue at hand, no one is demanding that they cannot collectively bargain through a union. (The states have every right to forbid it.)

In Wisconsin, Democratic senators have already over two weeks prevented the passage of the budget law by hiding in the neighboring state, which the Wisconsin authorities can not force them back. Without these 14 Democrats, Wisconsin Senate quorum is not present.

Here Frank is in approval of state senators violating the public trust and their duties because he happens to agree with their aims, remember folks, it’s all about ideology with these leftists, rule of law can be tossed aside, except when it dovetails with their agendas of course.

These senators should be held to account for their actions, not lauded, for they set a bad precedent for future battles in the legislature, every time one side disagrees with a law, they flee the state to close things down, what does that say for democracy?

Though US federal Republican representatives and senators hadn’t the number to stop Obamacare, they stayed however, did their elected duty and voted in the house, and lost. Elections have consequences, except if you’re a democrat from Wisconsin and spokesman for Finland’s branch of Amnesty International.

Similar protests have also spread to neighboring states in Indiana and in Ohio .

One would hope that the Finnish media would pay more attention to this conflict. So far I’ve just noticed it in the HS’s editorials.

Basically, the movements in the U.S. are due to the same things as Tunisia and Egypt. People want bread, work, and that their human rights are respected. They want schools, health care and keep the continued growth of income inequality as unfair.

The Hell-singin Sanomat did in fact cover the story in their paper’s editorial, in their most predictable, superficial way possible. It looks like Frank just copied and pasted it straight from it pages, but so what, it’s just one mediocrity mouthing another.



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