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While the teachers and their supporters march up and down mainstream Wisconsin, even with fat dough-boy Michael Moore locked with them arm in arm, the president of the National Education Association lays it all out there, bare, naked like for all to see, it’s not “about the children” but about pure power.

The problem with public ‘sector’ employee unions is that they form a formidable self interest power block that’s used to promote it’s own candidates to office who are then used to hand sweetheart deals in labor union contracts to these government workers. The NEA and other public sector unions shovel tons of money into the democrats’ campaign coffers who in turn shovel money back into the Unions.

It’s nothing more than money laundering 101, and all done under the naked eye of local government, and it’s no surprise that the current US president is fully coming down on their side, promising at one time to walk in their picket lines if their self interests are ever threatened by the Republicans.

What’s disheartening to see is the firefighters and police marching along side them, all the while the socialist NEA (already a radical vehicle for spreading Leftist propaganda) is aligned with the AFL-CIO which is supporting radical elements that actively work against the police. It’s all stunning to see, and the people have to wake up to it all before it’s all too late. KG

H/T Breitbart

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