This moronic generation will be cursed by future generations of “Swedes”, in the event that they are even calling themselves Swedes anymore. They’ll probably end up renaming the the country to suit the “multicultural” brand they’ve created, like perhaps, “Mångkulturalnavia” or as the Baron says; Scandislamia (his pic. of the flag is below).

The above article mentions the following jaw dropper:

“We’re going to continue on the road toward humanity and order, this is a choice which closes the door on xenophobic forces,” said Reinfeldt. Among other things, the agreement will give illegal immigrants the right to healthcare and education.

Read = Swedes will be footing the bill for a policy that will be bound to draw every illegal migrant (using the word immigrant alludes to legitimacy) to the shore of the future land of Mångkulturalnavia/Scandislamia:

This is the real reason why the faux”Right” came together with the Left too craft this piece of crap legislation, it was to stick it in the eye of the only sane party left in Sweden, the Sweden Democrats. Here’s also something that should piss off every tax paying Swede, a real pig trough of a pork bill if there ever was one:

Families from Somalia, for example, have a hard time reuniting due to the lack of official documentation about their identity.

The various options for confirming someone’s identity will be improved, with one option being the use of DNA matching technologies.

The new agreement may cost up to 1.7 billion kronor ($267 million) and will have “significant effects on public finances”, although it remains difficult to give an exact cost before knowing how many illegal immigrants that will be starting school and are in need medical care.

Some estimates put the number of school-age undocumented children with the right to attend school at 3,000-4,000.

“That number is uncertain and many of those children are already studying,” said education minister Jan Björklund, adding that the new rules will likely be in place by the autumn term of 2012.

Sweden also plans to launch an independent migration research institute.

Sweden’s political elite are screwing its people royally, and perhaps they deserve it, at least the morons that buy into the disintegration of the once proud Swedish state. The others who disagree and are absolutely horrified with what their counterparts are doing to the country have the TT’s full sympathy. KGS

NOTE: A commenter at the Winds Of Jihad states the following: “Shouldn’t imigration policy be founded on what is good for Sweden, rather than what is bad for the Sweden Democrats.”

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  1. This insane application of bleeding heart liberalism will in the sadly in the end just one more nail in Sweden’s coffin.

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