Absolute tomfoolery by our elected officials. The morons people advising governments to placate criminals and jihadists aught to be kicked out on their behinds. The only thing that should be made available to these pirates is either a quick walk to the gallows, or a heavy anchor tossed into their boat after the bottom has been sprayed with machine gun fire. KGS

NOTE: Statist government officials never deem handouts to be counterproductive

pirates waiting for their Danish prayer rugs and korans

Minister lends legitimacy prayer rugs for pirates

Jyllands-Posten: Danish warships carrying prayer rugs and Korans, as detained pirates can practice their religion.

Defense Minister Gitte Lillelund Bech (V) vouches for the defense to bring prayer rugs and Korans at the Danish warships, sent to combat pirates in the Horn of Africa.

Gitte Lillelund Bech said in a series of answers to the parliamentary defense committee that it is because the experience of Absalon’s mission in the area in 2008 and 2009 when the Danish warship perceived to have suspected pirates detained on board.

– Korans and prayer rugs brought by cultural and religious considerations to the detainees, who will remain on board the warship in a longer term, writes the Defense Minister.

– Defence is informed that this procedure also used in Danish prisons where supplied Korans and prayer rugs for inmates Muslims who wish to practice their religion, says Gitte Lillelund Bech.

Among others the American and German naval units also bring Korans and prayer rugs that can be made available to detainees.

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  1. They will only see this as pathetic kuffar weakness and re-affirm their superiority over the kuffar.

    1. There you have it Roy, you have shown yourself in that small sentence, to be more knowledgeable than most of the wonks in the think tanks and policy institutes in the West. Great minds think alike.

  2. Why don’t they also buy a 1st class ticket for Ben Laden and buy him a penthouse in central Copenhagen?

    1. Good point Claudius, if they’re going to bend over backwards, they might as well bend over as well.

  3. Unless the Qur’ans are kissed by an American president or top Military generals they are worth squat to the supremacists. And where is the V i a g r a ?

  4. How can I get one of those rugs? I need something for my dog to crap on.

    1. I get it, dual purpose, house breaking mats for dogs and prayer rugs for islamoheadpounders

  5. The pirates should be beheaded just like they would be in Sharia countries. Bring on the guillotine! They can pray in the meantime without prayer rugs and Qurans. They don’t need these things to practice their religion.

  6. Islam is satanic garbage.

    Mohammed sprang from a rat’s anus.

    It’s way past time to nuke 500 million sand monkey subhumans. But, better late then never!

  7. Just point them in my direction when they pray. Let them bow down to the kuffar (me).


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