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That’s one of the reasons why handing stuff back to Egypt from Western museums was such a stupid mistake. Besides, Zahi Hawass is a Jew hating jerk, so too bad, hopefully all the looted stuff make its way back into the West where it belongs. KGS

Hawass: it’s all the jooos fault!

Egypt’s top archaeologist warns of looting

CAIRO (AP) – Egypt’s top archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, warned that the country’s antiquity sites were being looted by criminals amid the country’s political upheaval as he announced he would no longer serve in his ministerial post in the government.

Hawass was quoted in the Friday editions of Cairo’s dailies as saying he would not participate in the new government to be led by prime minister designate Essam Sharaf. Hawass, the longtime head of Egypt’s antiquities office, was elevated to Cabinet-level antiquities minister on Jan. 31, when ousted President Hosni Mubarak named a new government led by longtime friend Ahmed Shafiq.

Shafiq resigned Thursday amid calls by protesters for his removal, and Sharaf has been tasked with naming a new government.

Hawass said he was no longer able to protect the country’s antiquities because of what he called the absence of police protection and because he was the victim of a campaign against him by senior officials at his ministry.

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  1. I’ll bet they are working overtime to blame this one on the Jews.

    1. How true Sheik. This piece of crap probably is busy selling it to the highest builder.

  2. Dr. Hawass is actually cool, he’s pretty nice. I doubt he would have stolen the items.

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