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Guess what the Turks would be doing if they were part of the EU?

Erdogan Urges Turks Not to Assimilate

‘You Are Part of Germany, But Also Part of Our Great Turkey’

In his speech in Germany on Sunday, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said children of Turkish immigrants should first learn their parents’ native language before being taught German, the language of their adopted country. On Monday, German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle rejected Erdogan’s call, saying that learning German is the “key to integration” of migrants living in Germany. “Children who grow up in Germany must learn German as the very first thing,” he said in Berlin. Without knowledge of German, he warned, “children cannot keep up in school and they will have worse opportunities than others later on.”


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  1. I agree with Erdogan.

    IF Turks did integrate with German society, then in the fullness of time, they will pose an existential threat to Germany and Europe, because Islam will be still their in their hearts and minds. Moreover, integration will require far more dilution of German culture- which will weaken Germany.

    For Turks, it is best that they retain their culture and their language, for one never knows they may need them.

    Therefore, for both sides, it is best to stay separate.

  2. A nation should be defined by 3 things, borders, language, and culture. When any of these essential components are missing the country ends up with a sub-class of citizens, many whom by their own choice refuse to assimilate, get an education, become employed, and contribute to the host nation, and are content living on the dole. IMHO in the case of Germany the clash of modern Western culture and very narrow, rigid, and Muslim oriented Turkish culture, the result is two separate societies always in conflict. The Turkish immigrants are not being asked to totally divest of all things Turkish but just function in a Western culture. On the other hand the German political class must face up to the growing problem of the violence perpetrated on the citizenry by hordes angry, unemployed, criminal young men, to ignore this scourge harms the entire civil order.

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