Anjem Choudary


A Tundra Tabloids’ source says that the UK’s jihadi wannabe bad boy, Anjem Choudary, is on a US no-fly list, so the hype surrounding his stated visit to the US was just a load of rubbish:

It appears Choudray is on the no-fly list. So it was all a head-fake, and if Choudray is on a nofly I assume that’s the same for his buddies Izzadeen and Sayful Islam.

So stay tuned as the other blogs and media outlets pick up the news on this, just remember that you heard it here first. KGS

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  1. IMHO this narcissist demagogue gets upset if he can’t get his face in front of a camera or get some mention in the MSM, after all he must continually impress his so-called followers of his importance in the Islamist movement. If all of us including the MSM would just ignore this buffoon in a dirty nightshirt his influence and importance would be diminished.

    1. But BF, you miss the point! We need Anjem and his merry band of islamic malcontents around to preach what exactly is islam. The more people hear him speak, the more they are inclined to be against sharia law. it’s a win win situation. I would start to get worried if he were to become more discreet in his messaging, saying one thing but implying another.

      1. Thank You, a point well taken. I realize that we the few enlightened sometimes fail to realize that the masses are usually out of touch, oblivious, and easily swayed by the apologists in the MSM as to the the dangers of the Islamist Jihad in it’s many forms.

        1. No sweat Frank, you are on top of things and way ahead of the pack.

          1. Hate to burst your bubble, but the masses think what they’re told to think. Obama’s radical background and associations- as well as the mysterious lack of any information regarding his birth, academic records, medical records- didn’t stop him from getting elected. I see no reason to believe that the masses will object to Sharia until their moms are being stoned to death.

  2. Chowderhead was apparently quite the free spirit before he got religion & became the Al Sharpton of televised Islamofascism.

  3. I don’t understand that he is even aloud to come to America.

  4. Hi Guys.
    Linked to your story with due credit.I just hope ‘someone’ did not remove him from the list since it fits in ‘their’ plans. Follow the dots….March 3th demonstration ,April 9th demonstration , July 4th a million Muslims march.I start seeing a build up of momentum in this.

  5. Your posts are great but the pictures take the carrot – I mean biscuit!!

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