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Concerns are raised on forced marriages

By David Maclean Political Correspondent

A council report has called for measures to be introduced to help tackle forced marriages.

A team of councillors from Leicestershire County Council looked at the issue of people being physically or psychologically coerced into marriage.

Their report says: “During the course of the investigation we have reached the conclusion that there is legitimate cause for concern that some young people from Leicestershire might be forced into marriage.”

Last year, police reported seeing a huge increase in the number of young women who feared they would be forced into marriage seeking help.

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Watford resident complains after not being told about Islamic procession

Jeffrey Peach, from North Watford, said he had no objection to the march but added: “The first I learnt of the march was when I saw a plethora of police cars and riot squad vans parked in my road.

The procession set off at 10.30am from the Cambridge Road Mosque, with the participants convening for prayers at the North Watford Mosque at midday.

Mr Peach added: “Quite frankly I am appalled at the lack of concern shown to residents. Wouldn’t it have been nice and reassuring for residents to have been warned by the police?

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Half the country would vote for a ‘far-Right’ party – whatever that means

If 48 per cent would support a “far-Right” party, could it not be that the views expressed by such “extremists” are not extreme after all? Could it even be that those in the pro-diversity “mainstream” are actually the extremists? Not necessarily, of course, but I hope some people consider the possibility.

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  1. Every Case of Forced Marriage Will Be Punished in the Future

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011

    Forced marriage is to be illegal in Switzerland in the future — no matter where it was entered into. It will be punished with a maximum of five years in jail. With this ruling, the Federal Council’s report is following objections from its consultation with the legislature.

    In combating forced marriages, the government had intended to let it go at three years at most. That has been the maximum penalty in previous cases of coercion. But in the consultation, it was insisted that this offense be treated separately.

    My, its getting hard for an honest Muslim to get his kicks as ordained by allah. Whats the world coming to. I tell you its going to be war.

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