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Ahhh, there is no compulsion in Islam. In the Mohammedan’s mind, since Islam is such a supreme belief system, forcing people to accept it is an act of kindness, and therefor not to be deemed as compulsion. The non-believer and already follower, have only one logical choice, Islam. KGS

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Afghan Officials Say Jailed Convert Is Free

Under international pressure, government officials in Kabul, Afghanistan, say they have freed an Afghan man who had been jailed since May and faced the prospect of the death penalty for converting from Islam to Christianity.

The release of the man, Sayed Mussa, 46, follows months of quiet diplomacy between the Afghan government and United States Embassy officials in Kabul, who along with members of Congress and other foreign embassies had sought the former aid worker’s release.

Mr. Mussa, a married father of six who worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross before his arrest, was released Monday from Kabul Detention Center after prosecutors determined there was insufficient evidence to go forward with the case, said Gen. Qayoum Khan, the detention center director. But there were conflicting accounts about the terms of his release. A senior prosecutor involved in the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he was released only after agreeing to return to Islam.

It was also not immediately clear where he was taken or if he even remains in the country. Some of his relatives, including his wife, said they had not heard from him.

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  1. This is the place where young American, Canadian, European, and Australian soldiers all from Christian countries are dying week by week, year after year, for precisely what?

    This is the place where family and clan come a long way ahead of the abstract concept of a state that for Afghans is an alien concept.

    This is the place where elections are seen to be rorted and contaminated by corrupt officials and where the concept of honesty in the electoral process is seemingly totally absent.

    This is the place with a constitution based on Sharia law where non-Muslim citizens are not tolerated and where apostacy risks death.

    What a tragedy that our young men are sacrificing their lives for this!!

    Not to mention the grief and loss experienced by wives, and family.

    This tragedy will play itself out in due course with a total withdrawal leaving the “citizens” left to settle old scores and continue killing one another.

    The idea that sooner or later we will turn this dump into a democracy is fantasy pure and simple.

  2. A senior prosecutor involved in the case, speaking on condition of anonymity, said he was released only after agreeing to return to Islam.

    It could be that they are trying to save face as well an excuse to keep any protest down. In Muslim countries, protests usually take the form of suicide bombers.

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