Lets face facts, there are only two courses of action, blow the ships off the face of the map, or allow the weapons to reach the harbor, and while they’re off loading the weapons, blow the crap to kingdom come. Not doing anything is not an option. KGS

Israel Says Iranian Warships Carry ‘Advanced Hezbollah Weapons’

EurasiaReview: The two Iranian naval ships that crossed the Suez Canal to the Mediterranean Tuesday morning are carrying “advanced Hezbollah weapons,” Maariv Israeli paper reported on Wednesday, citing sources.

The sources told the paper, “Estimates indicate the two ships are carrying missiles of different range, rifles, ammunition, and night-vision gear… The voyage of the two ships is an Iranian attempt to go around the arms embargo on Hezbollah.”

The paper also said that it is believed the voyage is an attempt on the part of the Iranians to “test the waters” with and gauge the responses of the Egyptian Supreme Military Council and its stance towards Tehran.

Israel had yesterday stressed it was keeping close eye on the progress of the vessels, knew their location precisely, and kept close contact with US officials to exchange views and assess the situation.

Israeli Premier Benyamin Netanyahu had earlier on Monday said Iran was trying to take advantage of the region’s instability to expand its influence.

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  1. Give the Iranians the stark options to choose between – one or the other.

    A directive to turn around and slink back to their wretched country on the one hand, or get blown out of the water if they persist with their malevolent intention on the other hand.

    They hate Jews and Israel – we all know that.

    The worry of course is that the peaceniks in Israel will sit on their hands and do nothing.

    1. The worse is that the world is not outraged about this. I believe that if the world was more in favor of Israel the Israeli’s would be able to deal with their enemies for once and for all. But when Israel decides to attack their enemies, the media attacks Israel, the UN attacks Israel, journalists attack Israel, PM’s from all over the world attack Israel.

      Goldstone report, the UN resolutions, Gaza flotilla, attacks on nuclear systems etc.

      What did the world do? They supported the enemy.

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