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What a dolt. This is supposed to be a leader in the free West, and he can’t understand that the only kind of democracy that will develop in the ME will be one of mob rule, in contrast to what we enjoy in the West? Mercy sakes alive man, what could be the only result from people who belong to a system that holds “submission” to be the chief aim, the primary goal for any Muslim? Their thinking is entirely inconsistent with the Western concept of the free individual having the right to choose. KGS

David Cameron today hit out at suggestions the Middle East ‘can’t do democracy’ as change spreads across the Arab world.bHe rejected the idea that ‘highly controlling’ regimes are needed to ensure stability as violence and protests continued in Libya. He dismissed the idea that Arab or Muslim countries cannot cope with free and fair elections and said: ‘For me, that’s a prejudice that borders on racism.’

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AmNation: As readers of this site are aware, I consistently oppose the immoral notion, beloved of old-style leftists and many new-style rightists: “The worse, the better.” I think we should always hope for the better, not the worse. However, as I’ve also said, if the worse does occur, then it becomes legitimate to think about what positive outcomes may result from it.

Suppose that the wave of “freedom” sweeping Muslim North Africa and the Muslim Mideast leads to the takeover of that part of the world by Koranic, jihadist regimes. Is it not a reasonable possibility that such an event, cataclysmic in itself, might also have the world-historically positive effect of finally jolting us Westerners out of our Panglossian illusions regarding the nature of Islam and make us realize that Islam is the deadly enemy of everything we cherish? And might not that realization bring about a complete reversal of current Western policy vis à vis Islam, so that instead of spreading “democracy” to the Islamic lands while importing Muslims to the West, we isolate the Islamic lands and remove Muslims from the West?

To repeat: I do not hope for a jihadist takeover of the Muslim lands; I fear it. That why I warn against the West’s celebration of Muslim “freedom,” because I believe that such “freedom” will mean the victory of jihadism. But if that terrible event were to occur, then I would look for a silver lining.

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  1. What a jackass! Does Mr. Cameron think by some miracle that 1 billion Muslims who have been force fed the teachings of the prophet since birth for 1400+ years are just going to be deprogrammed overnight. A very large number of these Muslims are illiterate and impoverished scratching out an existence and know nothing but the world in which they struggle every day to stay alive in a sea of poverty. This poverty and enslavement all part and parcel of the religious concentration camp called Islam, which rejects individual freedom, liberty, opportunity, and modernity.

  2. I’m sure he doesn’t.

    This is a long war, at least 50 years if not more. Hasty action will simply swat a few flies while leaving the major threat intact, and going underground or changing face. Islam is dual faced ideology that quickly changes from wolf to lamb and wolf again. The ME is aflame, and will become shariased, and one further sheepskin will vanish for good.

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