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The following comment was emailed to the Tundra Tabloids by a person going by the name of Truth Seeker, this is her story, with more to follow. KGS

Good Afternoon,

This is me, Algerian anti-islam, I am an Algerian woman.

I was born moslem, which means I did not chose my religion but I inherited it. I was a young lady full of love and joy (I Liked riding bikes, and listening to Pop music, among others), when I was told to wear the veil and stop these hobbies. I was also taught, besides this , to love Mohamed more than any one else, and to obey his teachings to the letter, accept them as they are. We had no right to discuss his sayings or teachings.

I grew up with these ideas deeply enshrined in my mind : Mohamed is the most perfect, the best example, and what ever he did was right”. I loved him, or taught my heart to love him,but in parallel, deep deep in my soul some questions started to rise, some quiries of an innocent lady who came to discover the world :

” Why did Mohamed get married with a child? this does not sound natural , Why did he loot caravans in the name of God, isn’t this a kind of theft? …”

these were among the first questions that I had in those years, but I did not dare to ask anybody, nobody would accept such kind of questions, let alone to answer them. I kept these questions to myself and continued to love Mohamed and be a good Moslem, and then I forgot about those questions for a while.

My reading of Koran had also to be empty of any kind of logic or any criticism. I was told to read and accept its content as being the most comprehensive book, in terms of life-guiding laws, history, science, geography , etc etc, I was, as any person of the moslem community, brain washed, I see the errors, the anomlies but accept them, they are said by Allah therefore they are right.

However, this state of mind did not last for a long time, I started to feel a certain restlessness whenever I read the Koran, Mohamed’s sayings or teachings. why? As I grew older, and as I got to know the life better and understand it (and especially thanks to internet) , I could discover the historical, scientific, etc errors in Koran, not only that, I also noticed the contradictions and illogical teachings.

For the first time I started to doubt about this book, and if it was really ” written ” by a divinity described as Omnipotent, omnipresent , clement, He who knows everything, he who created the universes…How then Could he commit such errors, how could he be so merciless with non-moslems? Why does he consider me (a woman) as half brained, as being inferior to man? etc….and I started to analyse Mohamed’s life and compare it to Jesus’life (at that time I started to read about Christianism and other ideologies) I find out to what extent Mohamed was far from the criterion of a perfect man let alone a prophete. and guess what? my respect and love for this man started to decrease little by little, and the more this love decreased, the more I felt free…My mind which was like a bird in a cage, is free now, free to fly anywhere.

More to follow.

UPDATE: Here is the continuation of Truth Seeker’s essay:

Throughout the following years, I intensified my readings about this man and his religion and also his “Allah”, I foud out that he was one of the biggest liar the history has ever known, his religion was fake, a plagiarization of the previous religions, with many addings that fitted his life, greed, and ambitious.

There is nothing new brought by Islam in terms of good values, as the latter are universal and shared by all believes and ideologies, Good values existed already in that era. Mohamed legalized looting, non-moslim Women raping, child marriage, and so many other things , in the name of God, He gave a religious aspect and justification to all his deeds and laws even the meanest ones, so that they appear right in the eyes of his adepts.

I am not going to deal with all the lies, anomalies, errors, and contradictions I discovered in this religion, but I would prefer to say, that being in moslem community, and living with a very conservative family too attached to Islam, is not an easy environment in order to express oneself, or to try to convince other people about my findings..(all the books, magazines, related to this topic, were burnt by my family, I was beaten and expelled from my parents house), however this gave me much courage and energy to continue in this path I’ve chosen, I decided that I will make no return to the past, and that I express my self in a loud voice my viewpoints, and whenever I found a way to criticize this religion, I did it.

I received many death threats from unknown people on my phone, I started to lose my friends one by one, I even lost my job, but I won something more precious: my freedom. I AM FREE !!! When I cannot speak, I express myself through internet, but I will never give up.

Islam is a dangerous supermacist ideology, based on fear and terror. there is nothing called moderate islam, moderate moslems are those who do not follow islam to the letter. Do not give them much liberty on your soil, the more you give them freedom, the more they will turn against you. They will use this freedom and tolerance to fight against you in the name of Jihad …etc remember that religious minorties are deprived from these rights in many moslem countries.

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  1. I would love to read the other part. When are you posting it? Tomorrow?

      1. What’s POTB? Haha, I don’t understand! I tried to look it up and here is what I found:

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          1. Haha! Now I understand. OMG I’m so stupid 😀

  2. Truth Seeker, thank you for the interesting post. Keep them coming. Looking forward to part 2!

  3. Hi Truth Seeker
    A strong story you are telling here.
    I am pained that your endeavour to grapple with deeply existential questions such as faith, awkward chasm between believing – (or perhaps more fitting, accepting weird interpretations of a written text) – and being rational has, been met with brutal force and threats.
    To have a spiritual life is very nice, but is meaningless unless you also have the freedom to question, to challenge, to have a different mind, or simply reject.

    Keep writing, the force of the word is stronger than weapons, we will read your story and make sure your voice is heard.
    As we have learned (although we still must use pseudonyms since writing unpopular non-PC stories also in Scandinavian, Nordic countries come at a price for personal, professional life – though still far from the ultimate sacrifice you are up against), once 1 person starts to write what many think, that in itself represents a change.

    1. Thanks HY for writing that, we all need to encourage her. It only has to begin with one for things to happen.

  4. Thank you for the whole post. I think she sees Islam for what it is and I hope there will be more people just like her. I read an interesting article today. A French author stated that Islam added nothing to the world (not just today but also in the past). People were outraged. I’m outraged when I hear people saying that Islam is good for the world, because it isn’t. Freedom of speech, freedom of expression, woman’s right etc. You can’t find it in Islam.
    I hope this women is save and she will have her well deserved freedom!

  5. I cannot express my happiness , to see my story posted, and I am over joyed to share with you my experience with Islam. In fact, what I wrote here represents only 10% of what I wanted to tell you. I still have so many things to say, and I am ready to answer any question you may raise. Thank you readers for your encouraging comments. I am fine, I found a new job, and I hired an appartment. Things are getting better, I can read, write what ever I want without being watched by anyone. I am ready to take up the new challenge, which is unveiling the ugly truth of this ideology, and show its dangers for the humanity, and also teaching people, especially children, to be tolerant with the others, teach them that human values are universal, and that one doesn’t have to be a moslem to be good. I want to teach whoever I meet, to use his mind and logic, and sense of criticism instead of accepting things as they are. I know this will be difficult but I won’t give up…
    Thank you again KGS and Dear readers …You are filling my heart with energy and will.
    P.S: Person of the Book: is there any way to have the interesting article about Islam ?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Algerian anti-Islam, any time you have something to offer, please forward it my way, I’ll make you a special permanent page at the top of the blog. Peace!

    2. Hi there! Good to hear you feel encouraged and having a home and a job 🙂
      The article was in Dutch, but the author is French. His name is Sylvian Gouguenheim. He was actually called a scientific islamophobe lol!
      Many Algerians speak French right? The Dutch article stated that he wrote a book. I don’t expect the book to be published in Algeria, but I’m sure you can find a lot of articles in French and English about him.
      I wish you well!
      Greeting, person of the book (POTB, finally understanding it myself haha)

  6. Algerian anti-islam, the hard truth is that you should save yourself while you can. Someone will do their best to kill you to prevent you from becoming a role model for others and to prevent you from speaking. Get out while you can.

  7. Show this to any lefty/apologist types you come across.

    Wait for the standard response… “That’s one person’s opinion.”

    Or some other deflection, such as “well poor blacks in America are oppressed too”, or something equally idiotic.

    ANYTHING but acknowledge that Islam is dangerous to humanity.

  8. Quote: A French author stated that Islam added nothing to the world (not just today but also in the past.

    It goes back further. In Pope Benedict’s lecture at Regensburg, he quoted a Byzantine emperor

    Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.


    Algerian anti-Islam

    May God keep you well and searching for the truth.

    If you have the opportunity, read the Epistle of James. It is not complicated as Romans, but simple and full of faith, compassion, mercy and the injunction to do good.

    We will pray for you and for your country.

    1. DP111,
      Thank you for your posting. I read it, in fact I read all the New Testament, this book enlightened my life, filled me with a good spirit, compassion and most of all, opened my eyes on the Ultimate Truth.
      For this, I would like to add something to my above-told story, that I was baptised in an evangelist church here an Algeria, and I cut any relationship with my former belief, I am a newly born woman now, completely different from the old one. His Love and Compassion are my source of strength, courage and all the good feelings. Believe me, Sir, I feel his Hand guiding me and his light enlightening my path. I feel His presence, his protection, …a thing that I never felt in my previous life. I want his word to be spread, his light to come into everyone’s heart…I want everyone to taste the real happiness I tasted.

      1. Congratulations on the choice you have made. You story is moving and i’m very happy that it has worked out for you. You write really well and your English is perfect, so my quess is that you are an intelligent and well-educated woman. I wish you all the best and may you stay safe as these turbulent and troubled events unfold across the Middle East!

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