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Mussulman does what Mussulman always do when confronted with the truth…….

Shaher Abdulhak, I sue you!

NOTE: How this bastard acquire his wealth in an impoverished Yemen?

Yemeni businessman threatens Norwegian parliament members

IslamInEurope: Shaher Abdulhak, Yemen’s wealthiest man, sent a letter to seven Norweigan parliament members, threatening them with legal action for trying to organized a boycot against him.

Shaher Abdulhak’s son, Farouk, is suspected of killing Norwegian student Martine Vik Magnussen in London three years ago. Shaher Abdulhak is suspected of helping his son flee London after the murder, and helping him hide in Yemen.

The seven parliament members are: Heikki Holmås (SV), Gjermund Hagesæter (Frp), Trine Schei Grande (V), Michael Tetzschner (H), Ola Borten Moe (Sp), Geir Jørgen Bekkevold (KrF) and Håkon Haugli (Ap)

They wrote an official letter to various companies last year (including Coca-Cola, Xerox and Daimler Benz), asking them to review their commercial dealings with Abdulhak.

Xerox sent the letter to Abdulhak’s lawyers in London, and they in turn sent a letter to the parliament members saying that they might sued to return the damages caused by their letter. They were also asked to reveal the list of companies they’ve contacted, to go back on what they’ve written and to apologize. The seven intend to reply and reject all the demands.

NOTE: Hmmmmmm, Norwegians with stones.

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  1. I am from Yemen. I am interested if there is any new improvement against Farouk Shaher Abdulhak

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