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Thanks to the parties that initiated this wonderful resolution and for voting favorably on it. Well done. Also, the decision to nix any move to declare, unilaterally, a Palestinian state, was a wise move as well. Without any move on the Arabs’ part to normalize their society, there is no rush or hurry to grant statehood to them. KGS

Netherlands parliament move affirms Israel as Jewish State


JPOST: BERLIN – Members of the Dutch parliament reinforced the Jewish character of Israel during a session earlier this month, with a parliamentary decision that termed it a “democratic Jewish state.”

The pro-Israel vote resulted in 113 of the 150 parliament members affirming Israel’s existence as a Jewish, democratic state and urging the EU not to recognize a unilaterally declared Palestinian state.

According to the parliamentary measure, “the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state will not bring closer a lasting peace, and therefore the Dutch government asks to advance a European (EU) policy that rejects the unilateral declaration of a Palestinian state and means a European call to the Palestinian leaders to resume direct negotiations with Israel.

Furthermore the Palestinians should work toward a lasting solution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that takes into consideration the Palestinian problem and includes the explicit recognition of a democratic Jewish State of Israel.”

The Reformed Political Party, SGP, which is a small Protestant party, initiated the resolution. The measure was co-sponsored by the Christian Democratic Appeal party and the Christian Union, a separate Protestant party. The governing liberal party, VVD, and Geert Wilders’s Party for Freedom supported the resolution.

Surprisingly, the Dutch Labor party (PvdA) also threw its weight behind the vote. Traditionally, the Labor party has vehemently opposed Dutch legislation favoring Israel and seeking to combat radical Islamic terror.

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  1. Suprisingly, even the Dutch Labor Party threw it’s support . . .um, surprise? Really?
    With Arab nationstates crumbling & the apparent Ikwan intent to resurrect the next Caliphate, the left is more than likely salivating at the real potential for a far more organized ME/N.African war on Israel.

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