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Just the other day, the Tundra Tabloids posted a piece by Andy Bostom which appeared at both Breitbart and at his blog on the “Kamshish Affair”;

During March 1965, Gamal Abdel Nasser accompanied by Che Guevarra visited Kamshish a small village in the heart of the Nile Delta, some 40 miles north of Cairo. As described in Egypt, The Stalled Society,

Banners were hoisted and the solemn proclamation that “the revolution of Kamshish greets the leader of the mother revolution” was posted at the village gate. Nasser and Che Guevara were serenaded with folk songs that told the saga of the village struggle against feudalism and how the feudalists tried to isolate the leader from the peasant masses. More here.

Well Che Guevara is now in vogue once again in the ME, as it was seen in the recent Egyptian demonstrations…..

In Tunisia….

In Yemen….. (Pic via ZIP)

In Iraq….

In Morocco…..

In conclusion.

The moral of this story is that the Kamshish Affair ended with the Muslim Brotherhood being turned loose by Anwar Sadat on the Marxists, who in turn, pounced on Anwar Sadat himself as he was gunned down by the Muslim Brotherhood (Ikhwan) while reviewing Egyptian troops passing by the grand stand where he was sitting, next to Hosni Mubarak.

It’s time to face the facts, the Muslims of the ME will always choose to be bound to Islam, anything that departs from that will be short lived, including a democracy (read=mob rule) that’s supported by followers of the mass murderer Che .  KGS

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  1. Ugh, I hate Che Guevara. In the West you often see people wearing t-shirts with his face on it and on of those Arafat scarfs. What is wrong with those people?!

    1. They buy the the shirts because it is part of a fasion that began in the coutercultures, but has since moved into the mainstream cultures. They buy it because it says ‘Rebellion’, not because they understand or identify with Che’s vision. They buy the icon that the man has become, albeit the icon achieved more for Che’s cause than the man himself did in a lifetime. Then they find themselves asking: “Who is this guy on my t-shirt?” This is the truth for many though, they no little, or nothing about Che or his vision, and those who do, refer to him as a ‘great revolutionary’ and a ‘hero’, or they call him a ‘murderer’ and an ‘extremist’. Which you decide to call him depends on your viewpoint.

      1. Che was a bungling tactician and a cold blooded murderer. The only vision he had was to enslave others to his utopian dream.

  2. What is wrong with them is that they are naive and haven’t got a clue as to the crimes against humanity,such as, the mass murders, the torture, the Gulags, and the ‘disappearance’ of Cubans that Che Guevara committed along with that ever popular Communist Dictator Fidel Castro. The pop culture leftists have turned the image of Che into a trendy , youthful symbol of rebellion, while disregarding his sins and whitewashing his past.

  3. According to some reports in Latin America Che’s mother was Celia Sheinerman who was none other than Ariel Sharon’s (Sheinerman) aunt making Che Ariel Sharon’s cousin.

  4. Wrong with them?…Nothing but a fact that they refuse to live under your capitalist system robbing them of natural resources and dignity…

    1. Freedom and Liberty of the individual coupled with the protection of one’s own property rights, is the basis of the free market economy. It alone allows one to exploit his/her abilities and natural resources (if they exist) for the benefit of all, and those who insist on that kind of economic model recognize Natural Law, that it alone affords the individual with rights that are self evident, the right to Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      Statists like yourself, reject it, because socialism is predicated on exact opposite principles. The statist robs man of its individuality, making him/her a slave of the state which grants rights out of its own sense of benevolence as it forces the individual to an ever binding contract to the state that he can almost never hope to wiggle free from. Socialism never produced a damn thing but misery. The only way you socialists and your socialist policies can exist, for awhile that is, is buy squeezing the golden goose that lays the eggs that you live off like parasites, at the expense of the average taxpayer.

      Dignity, yeah right, coming from a socialist that’s a big stretch.

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