Muslima wondering where the protest went wrong……

Egyptian military vows to stand by Israel peace treaty and hand over power to an elected administration

  • Volunteers help clear the streets of air after 18 days of protest
  • Military now in charge after President finally quit
  • Swiss freeze assets which may belong to Mubarak
  • Curfew relaxed, allowing Egyptians out at night
  • ‘Travel ban’ imposed on officials from the old government

The Egyptian military today vowed to stand by the country’s international agreements in a move to allay concerns about the peace deal with Israel.

In a much-anticipated statement following the departure of President Hosni Mubarak, the army also pledged its commitment to handing over power to an elected administration when the time comes.

It has asked the current government, put in place by Mr Mubarak, to stay until a new one is formed but there was no indication of how long that may take.

The pledge on the peace deal will elicit a sigh of relief from leaders across the world – and plans for an elected government will delight the thousands of protesters who had laid siege to Cairo.

Mr Mubarak, the head of state for 29 years, finally quit last night and handed the reins to the military after 18 days of demonstrations built up into an unstoppable wave of public pressure.

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6 Responses

  1. Egypt will honor treaties to the extent Western(€$£) Billions in entitlement jizya continues to flow.

    1. Yes WTD, they will expect the jizya for a meager nod to sustaining the status quo, for awhile, but these nut-jobs, like the Iranians, are driven by what they believe as a higher power, and will one day show their hand.

  2. KGS, I love your comment above that picture. The army is being wise to support the peace treaty, otherwise things could get real nasty.

    1. 😉 The military, IMHO, are not going to let the MB dictate political life and foreign policy, if in fact their ranks of top officers haven’t been corrupted by the MB already. It’s a wait and see scenario.

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