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They can’t help themselves, these hack journalists just report, like a parrot, the accepted version of events that’s in sync with “The Narrative” and move on. What this jack ass of a reporter is doing in this report from Stockholm, is continuing to spread the false meme that the Sweden Democrats are a bunch of neo-nazis, and that no “political party of good moral standing” will (read= should) have anything to do with them.

That’s their party line and they’re sticking to it. It’s why they continue to label the SD as, ”immigration critical”, when in fact, they’re just against the mass immigration policies of the anti-Swedish Left and faux conservative Right. It’s not that they want to shut the spigot off entirely, but to control the amount of people coming in, thereby allowing time to pass in order for the new immigrants to acclimate to their new surroundings and accept the Swedish lifestyle.

For the most part, most of Finland’s political parties would accept nothing less than what the Sweden Democrats are promoting, and as proof, the reasonable immigration supporting “True Finns” (PS) party enjoys great popularity in the polls, and outside of the Greens, no other serious party has stated that they wouldn’t be willing to work with them.

Like Vasarahammer told the Tundra Tabloids in an email, you just can’t make this stuff up! KGS

H/T: Vasarahammer

The Sweden Democrats have strong support, but not much power

MTV3: The Immigration critical populiat party Sweden Democrats have hardly come to influence Swedish political decision-making in spite of making it inside the Riksdag on election day. The party’s poll support is however growing.

For example, currently underway in the Swedish parliament is a debate on violent extremism – the topic was requested to be held in the great hall by the Sweden Democrats party.

-Most of the victims of terrorist attacks a day after September 11 in the West and in Russia have been from Islamist terrorist acts, “said Sweden Democrat party leader Jimmie Åkesson.

The failed suicide bomb attack in central Stockholm before Christmas came to the party as if on cue – such a thing was warned about just before the elections and after.

But also in this debate the Sweden Democrats were alone. Other parties say that the right-wing extremists in Sweden are far more guilty of violence than the Muslim groups that reject the use of violence in all its forms.

So far, Sweden Democrats have supported the opposition in the Reichstag, including the Foreign Office appropriations dispute, of which Sweden has had to close half a dozen embassies. But the dreaded voting chaos and government crisis in the Diet was avoided.

Sweden is accustomed to a minority government. It must remembered that the opposition doesn’t really have a leader: The Social Democrats do not currently have a functional leadership, nor the Green Party. This is obviously has affected the situation, that it’s calm and the government has been left in peace, “says political scientist John Kurunmäki from Stockholm University.

Sweden Democrats popularity in the Gallup polls will only grow, but none of the old parties are going to have any kind of cooperation with them.

– The next elections are still far away. Such a distancing is rather quite natural in an attempt to somehow take the shine of them, than to embrace them, “says Kurunmäki.

MTV3 – Kari Lumikero, Tukholma

NOTE: Please note that the professor thinks it’s “natural” for the larger parties to blood libel, smear and openly call for open season (read violence) upon those with whom they disagree. Sweden Democrats have been attacked by the hard Left while the established parties look between their fingers and say that they had it coming, yet somehow they want everyone to believe that it’s “right-wing extremism” that is the chief worry in Sweden.

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