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  1. In America, this type of lawsuit would bring the opportunity of “discovery” which would work in Cameron’s and the UK’s best interest. If UK law provides for “discovery” this suit should be viewed as a golden opportunity to shut that establishment down permanently.

  2. from Paul Stott’s 911 CultWatch blog
    In 2009 the BBC’s Conspiracy Files programme found Mosque Chairman Dr Mohammed Naseem distributing 200 copies of the DVD 7/7 Ripple Effect around the mosque, which propagates the view that Israel was behind the London bombings. At the time of the 7/7 attacks, Dr Naseem gave a press conference at which he refused to believe Muslims could have been involved in the attacks. The Conspiracy Files programme ended with Dr Naseem meeting leading 9/11 ‘truth’ activist Tony Gosling to plan further work together. Given this background, Dr Naseem may struggle to find a solicitor willing to take his case forward.

    Relations were not always so poor however between the mosque and the Prime Minister. Back on 5 February 2007, when David Cameron was mere leader of the opposition, he travelled to Birmingham and spent time at – Birmingham Central Mosque. Perhaps that day someone forgot to clear away some of the [9/11] ‘truth’ literature so eagerly distributed by mosque Chairman Dr Mohammed Naseem?

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