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What he’s actually saying here is, that only a Muslim state, like Turkey, can involve itself in Egyptian affairs, not the “Jew state” of Israel. Take note that he doesn’t mention any other non-Muslim state either, like the US or the states of Europe, just the Jews. KGS

‘Erdogan: Israel must not intervene in Egypt’s matters’

Turkish PM asks US, Greece to get involved if Israel is “inclined to meddle;” Egyptian FM tells Turkey to mind its own business.

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Monday that “Israel must under no circumstance interfere” in what is happening in Egypt, Turkish daily Huriyyet reported.

Speaking to a group of reporters at the opening of a “friendship bridge” between Turkey and Syria, Erdogan said he had made this point to US President Barack Obama and Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou, adding that they should intervene to stop Israel should it be “inclined to meddle in Egypt in a last-ditch effort to try and turn the tide against the anti-Mubarak demonstrators,” Huriyyet reported.

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NOTE: Time to let loose that ball crunching mare on Erdogan.

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  1. I’m sick and tired of Turkey telling Israel and Europe what they can and can’t do. I’m sick and tired of Turkey telling Israel and Europe what they can say and can’t say . I read yesterday that Turkey and Iran want to improve their business relationship.
    I hope that Turkey never gets the EU membership.

  2. Erdogan is a jerk! He’s so stupid, I think the Turks will ultimately get rid of him. Hopefully, it won’t take them 30 years like the Egyptians.

    There are few things Israelis agree on but this is one of them: any advice they give Egypt will be resented and ignored.

    Erdogan is a case in point. You’ll notice that the Egyptian FM told Erdogan to mind his own business.

  3. Erdogan,

    Shut your filthy mouth. Who the hell are you to say anything, especially about Israel? Israel could eat you for breakfast, you gonad-less bully.

  4. The Turks are not afraid of the wannabe world power zionists 🙂

    Why should Turkey not make business with Iran ? Means if you make a Invasion on Palestinan ground, kill the children, and make Palestine to a Ghetto like Hitler did it before in WW2, we should make business with you, and not with iran? where is the sence? Iran no had a war the last 300 years, how about your zionist country kill every day innocent Palestines from which you steal there land and let them live in a ghetto????

    Until the day, that Israel says not sorry to kill the innocent People who take medicine, and food on the Mavi Marmara flottila. Until the blockade on Palestina not stops and this ghetto not have a end. We turks will not be your friend and also not make business with you.

    Isreal will eat us for breakfast?

    Do not mess with the Turks, check the history. Remember the Jews which get Asylum under the Ottoman empire and we rescue them before they were killed in Andalusia before in Spain. Is that the cerish that they kill 9 innocent peace activists on the Mavi Marmara?!!!

    Do not mess with the Turks, we are not afraid of a 7 million country wich is founded on Terror and Blood!!!

    You think you Zionist Scum can threat us with War? How funny, 72 million turkish and 250 million turkish and turkic people on this world are waiting you to attack Turkey 😉

    1. First of all, go ahead and make business with Iran, once they announce themselves victorious in their policies of acquiring their nukes, just remember the centuries old war between you sunnis and the shiia, they’ll never resist the urge of subverting your country, and converting you Turks. I’m sure they’re very eager for more Turks like yourself to think the same way. Great going moron.

      Secondly, you talk of Hitler, yet it’s your country Hitler took notice of after it committed genocide of the Armenians over a period of successive Turkish governments, and the international communities silence over that mass murder. Your country helped to inspire Hitler to think of doing the same to the Jews, expecting the same silence once the word got out that the Jews of Europe and in ME were gone.

      Thirdly, the only Arabs the Israelis target, are those Arabs actively engaged in hostilities against the Jewish state. Oh and by the way, I’m sure the Kurds would have something to say about how the Turks murder their people, and their aspirations for self determination. The way in which the Muslim murders other Muslims could be labeled as a blood sport. Jews just kill in self defense. Israel didn’t steal any land, learn the factual history of the conflict, instead of repeating regurgitated propaganda, it would make for a more interesting debate.

      Your state purposefully loaded the Mavi Marmara with IHH jihadis (video footage of them singing on the ship about killing Jews) with the intention of causing a casus belli event, in order for the AKP regime to terminate relations with the Israelis, as means to project themselves onto the Muslim world’s stage with a new pedigree. The only way for them to be respected by the Islamic world, is to be seen as being against the Jews. Nothing like Jew hatred to stir the Muslim masses. It’s evil, and you’re evil as well. So screw any apology, the just need not apologize for defending themselves from evil.

      Turks have a more bloody past and present, than the Israelis have. Your state has killed far more Muslims than the Jews, and yet you dare to stand in judgement of Israel? Nice try moron, but no dice.

  5. We dont have any problem with iran. why Iran should not have nuclear weapons if your zionist terrorist country also have nuclear weapons?
    Is like i can have a TV in my house, but i forbid you to have a TV at your house!!! this make no sense.

    As Erdogan said all people on this world should be stop and throw there nuclear weapons to the garbage, than we dont have any nuclear problem in the future. What makes you zionist steal the palestinan there ground, better as a Persian????

    I prefer a shiaa neighbour, which no had a war for the last 300 years more, as a isralian neighbour which country is founded on Terrorism and Blood and steal and kill every day!!!

    The psychology of a killer is like this: We kill because other people also kill on this world. What u wanna that i think? That you can kill the Palestinan on this world, because in the past also other people killed? What a stupid thinking.

    If you talk about Armenians. You should know that we was attacked by many diffrent countries together in WW2. The Greek, British, the Anzacks from New Zealand also people from Australia attacked us. And this time the Armenian got weapons from the Russian and also started to kill and attack Turkish ground. You cannot compare the situation in Germany with the Situation in Turkey. The Germans killed innocent Jews. Not any jew in Germany that time was a terrorist or attacked to steal German Ground. It is not the situation like in Turkey.

    A one side Genocide cannot happen if a terrorist group attack a country. If the Armenians wouldnt attacked us that time, it would not happen a war right? The situation is totally diffrent.

    And you should also know that are more Armenians are living now in Turkey as in the Armenian country. Means we have now more Armenians in Turkey as in Armenia. Open the newspapers, did u see that we are killing everyday Armenians, as you kill Palestinians in the Gaza Ghetto??? no. this not happen!!

    In Turkey are living about 7 million Kurds together with Turks. We are living together as brother and sister since centuries. You are talking from the PKK, which is a terrorist organisation. There are thousands of Kurds also in the Turkish military which fight agains this Terrorist group also. Clean your head that not every Kurd is a terrorist, its a lie from you Zionist. I have lots Kurdish and Armanien friends. How many palestinan friends you wannabe have??!!

    And on the historc bullshit you say. The arabs and palestinans do not have any guilty that Hitler do bad things to the Jews. They invite you to your country and give you Asyl, and later you cut this helped hand and take them in a Ghetto like Hitler? what the fuck. If we turks talk about historic, than half of china and inner Asia should also belong to Turkey now, but we are not a terrorist group. So stop your historic bullshit.

    You say that the mavi marmara is a jihad group. How many weapons did you wannabe soldiers find on the boat??? How many nuclear weaopons was inisde? how many Guns and bombs was inside? What a lie!!!

    I choose my own friends bymyself. You also do this. But i will not have friends in future, who kill innocent 9 people which are coming with medicines and food to the Ghetto of Gaza, and my country also will not have this friends, until Israel say sorry.

    If Israel dont say sorry? Who cares, we will still open the Gaza blockade, its again human rights, also check the UN resolutions the last days. Also the UN say this. And if any of your zionist, attack us. Keep on going. We turks are not afraid of your small terrorist country. Israel will open the blockade on the Gaza ghetto soon. Because Israel is afraid of a war against Turkey 🙂

    By the way, your terrorist country is about 50 years old, so pls not speak about history. We know the times under Abdulhamid in the Ottoman Empire, which time you jews cried and offer us money for Palestian land. Abdulhamid just said go away and never come again. In this terrotory are turks and arabs living together in peace, come and also live on peace! We are the sons of the Ottoman Empire, so never forget this. If you want peace, you get peace, if you want war, you get war no problem!!

    P.S……….. and never forget something bloody Zionist, history always repeats hisself 😉

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