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Go ahead and say it, enrichment. Notice in the article how it’s “societies fault”, never the perps themselves. KGS

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Somali gangs move into sex trafficking, fraud

Criminals in Minneapolis area are expanding their activities to other parts of the U.S.

MINNEAPOLIS — The girl was 12 when the gangsters told her the rule: They would sell her for sex to men outside the gang, but members of the Somali Outlaws or the Somali Mafia would use her for free.

For more than two years she was taken on “missions” to abandoned garages, men’s bathrooms, apartments and hotels, enduring hours with multiple men so gang members could get money, pot or booze.

Though her mother confronted two of the men twice early on and warned them the girl wasn’t even 13, they continued to prostitute her.

Eventually some of the gang members took her on the road to new customers in Nashville, Tenn., while the man she called her “boyfriend” allegedly used a cell phone to send images of her engaging in sex acts with men in the car along the way.

The enterprise described in a federal indictment has shocked members of Minnesota’s Somali community, the largest in the U.S.

Branching out

And it suggests that gangs known in recent years for armed robberies, burglaries and even killings of fellow East Africans have evolved into more lucrative activity, and are taking their crimes from Minneapolis to other parts of the country.

“It’s clear the life of the gang in the community is getting much more complicated,” said Omar Jamal, an advocate for the Somali community in Minneapolis.

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  1. This is the price we all pay for the good intentions of the bleeding heart Liberals who think that bringing uneducated refugees from other cultures they can ‘save’ the world. Only to add to our own crime problems, an already overextended welfare state, and fill our already overcrowded prisons. A lot of the cost is borne by local and state governments.

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