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Egypt protests draw biggest crowd yet

TheRawStory: CAIRO – Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators flooded Cairo’s iconic Tahrir Square and towns across Egypt on Tuesday, in the biggest show of defiance to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak since the revolt began.

In Cairo, the immense crowd hailed as a hero a charismatic cyberactivist and Google executive whose Facebook site helped kickstart the protest movement on January 25 and who has since been detained and held blindfolded for 12 days.

AFP journalists overlooking the square confirmed it was the biggest gathering yet in a movement which began on January 25. Witnesses in Egypt’s second city Alexandria said a march there also attracted record numbers.

Many protesters carried the symbols of the Internet social networks Facebook and Twitter, which have become vital mobilising tools for the opposition thanks to online campaigners like Google executive Wael Ghonim.

“I like to call it the Facebook Revolution but after seeing the people right now, I would say this is the Egyptian people’s revolution. It’s amazing,” he said, after he was mobbed by adoring supporters in the crowd.

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  1. A lot of the western talking heads are quick to associate the inbred Arab rabble that occupies Egypt with the culture of the pharaohs. One of them even went so far as to say that we Europeans were still living in caves when they lived in palaces wearing silk and satin, etc.

    I beg to differ.

    The indigenous people of Egypt are the Copts, not the Muselmanic hordes that conquered them and outbred them and now falsely claim their history, ancestry and heritage as theirs.

    But didn’t Muslims also lay claim to discovering America, Australia and inventing the wheel?

    1. Excellent point. The Arabs are always stealing things from other cultures, the Copts are in fact the true decedents of the ancient Egyptians, the rabble frothing on the streets of Cairo, are the offspring of the usurpers, trying to wrestle power from one authoritarian and institute another. Muslims have been stealing (for exm) European / Indian ideas for centuries, they even stole the oil they’re sitting on, having done nothing on their own, they reap the benefits while holding a choke hold on the West. Liberate the oil fields I say.

  2. Liberate the oil fields I say.


    Right after 9/11 GWB had a golden opportunity to chase the malevolent Sowdi princelings out of their palaces and into the desert, where they belong.

    He blew it.

    The Sowdis without money would make the world a much safer place.

    Didn’t we ‘liberate’ Kuwait? What happened there, how come they don’t love us?

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