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Lefty Eco-jihadis threatened to behead a stolen statue of Ronald Mcdonald last week if their demands weren’t met.

Not being the sharpest knives in the kitchen drawer, (they stole a Ronald statue for crying out loud, and threatened to behead it if their stupid demands for its safe return weren’t met) it appears that they blew it big time, leaving behind something at the crime scene that led the police straight to them.  KGS

NOTE: It was a pretty sickening stunt, using the theme of jihadi beheadings to highlight their pathetic demands. Like the TT said, they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer.

H/T Kumitonttu

Ronald McDonald found – the thieves made a couple mistakes

Omakaupunki: Police have found the statue of Ronald McDonald stolen from Ruoholahden’s McDonald’s last week on Monday. The Food Liberation Army announced that they were behind the theft.

According to chief investigator Jouni Niskanen, the police raided two apartments in Helsinki today. In addition to the statue, the police seized property in connection with more than just the statue in the searches

– The investigation is still in progress, I can not comment on the nature of the property in question. Seized assets are linked to the theft, however, Niskanen briefly commented.

– The statue was found at a second home unharmed and is now held by the police. We caught two 30 years old Helsinki residents,  on suspicion of the theft, Niskanen continues.

The apprehended men are penitent

Niskanen said that the detained men have not yet been interrogated, but they have tentatively been cooperative and contrite. In addition to their theft there are at least three other people suspected.

The perpetrators were according to the police had seen a lot of effort in planning of the theft, implementation, and publicizing it

– They did, however, make a few fairly rudimentary mistakes, with the result that the police got on their trail.

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  1. Where did they get their inspiration? Al Qaida? Just look at the picture, it looks alike. Those ecofreaks are nuts. I read in a Dutch newspaper that ecofreaks are threatening a few politicians.

  2. While they are at it perhaps the weak willed, apologist, political class could be encouraged to have the police investigate crimes committed by the ungrateful underclass of immigrants living on the dole, that would be real police work and benefit the entire Swedish nation.

  3. I correct my last statement I meant to say Finnish Police, my apologies.

  4. BOO! Instead of finding a statue, the police in Finland should devote their resources towards something a little more worthy…like maybe all the meth labs.

  5. The food liberation army behind this?? Give me strength!!!

    Round them all up añd make them flip burgers for ten weeks.

    At least they would be doing something useful then.


  6. It was a parody, you just can’t understand it. Take an example the flag behind “terrorists” : It seems like there are something written in Arabic, but it simply is “Im Lovin It” upside down 😛

    Don’t worry. Im sure that bored Finnish university students are not yet infiltrated to the US, so your plastic Ronald McDonalds are safe.

    Greetings from Finland

    1. Regardless of whether it was parody or not, the entire stunt was sick, and ill thought. I would dare say that every family member and friend who has lost a loved one to the jihadis this infantile group of Finns were mimicking, by having their heads decapitated, would agree with me.

  7. Reading this article made me sick.

    It wasn’t the content, which is hilarious. A very harmless parody stunt set up by a bunch of college kids trying to make a point, and an excellent example of how police time is wasted on very insignificant problems when much more important things require their attention.

    No, what made me sick was the bullshit responses from ignorant posters.. This site is a fucking travesty. Year of truth about islam? There’s no truth on this entire site. Nothing but a bunch of ignorant hate and buzzword diplomacy. You people are pathetic.

    “Proud supporters of Isreal and the US”
    Way to go, you support the massacre of Palestine, Lebanon, and any other country that stands to get in Isreal’s “way” on their war path through the middle east. Funded by American ammunition and artillery.

    You talk about extremism but you guys are all a bunch of extremist hate mongers. Your respective moms should have washed you from their cunts before it was too late.

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