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So the anti-multiculturalists have been right all along, not that we in the Counterjihad need any politician to prove our case for us, but it’s great to hear yet another one of them joining Germany’s Angela Merkel, in condemning it. KGS

H/T Sophia

Muslims must embrace our British values, David Cameron says

British Muslims must subscribe to mainstream values of freedom and equality, David Cameron will say as he declares that the doctrine of multiculturalism has “failed” and will be abandoned.

Entering the debate on national identity and religious tolerance, the Prime Minister will declare an end to “passive tolerance” of divided communities, and say that members of all faiths must integrate into wider society and accept core values.

To be British is to believe in freedom of speech and religion, democracy and equal rights regardless of race, sex or sexuality, he will say. Proclaiming a doctrine of “muscular liberalism”, he will say that everyone, from ministers to ordinary voters, should actively confront those who hold extremist views.

He will also warn that groups that fail to promote British values will no longer receive public money or be able to engage with the state.

His speech, to an international security conference in Munich, comes after The Daily Telegraph disclosed the extent to which the British intelligence community fears the “unique threat” of terrorist attacks by radicalised British Muslims.

Mr Cameron will promise a new willingness to argue against and “defeat” extremist ideologies that lead some to engage in terrorism.

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H/T: For video, Frank Kitman

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  1. I don’t think Cameron get’s it for the full 100%. Cameron refuses to say what the real problem is: Islam itself. Multicultural is mainly a euphemism for Islam. When they say multiculturalism they don’t mean the Chinese, the Christian African or the European immigrant. I don’t think we have a big general immigration problem. Look at England, they have Hindu’s and Sikhs and they are doing pretty well. It’s the Muslim population that failed to integrate, so we have a problem with immigration coming from Muslimcountries.

    @ KGS There is a good video on jihadwatch about the Muslim Brotherhood and what their influence could mean to the world. Btw my name is not Sophia, it’s Sophie 😉 but I’ll forgive you

  2. Could it be that Mr. Cameron and his party are reading the ‘tea leaves’ and are responding to what the British citizens really want?

  3. ‘…Not for the first time, I found myself thinking that it is mainstream Britain which needs to integrate more with the British Asian (moslem) way of life, not the other way around. If we want to remind ourselves of British values – hospitality, tolerance and generosity to name just three – there are plenty of British Moslems ready to show us what those things really mean”.

    – David Cameron May 2007


    1. Hi Pragmatist, Cameron is a political eel, twisting one way while turning back on himself to go another. What’s most important is the meme started, (by us) has been given voice, it’s irrelevant what this creep does afterwards, the people have now been told officially by both governmental leaders of Germany and Britain that multiculturalism does not work, the number of people agreeing with that sentiment will only increase and force a reversal.

  4. The guy is still pursuing the ‘extremists’ who don’t represent Islam. Islam is good, extremists bad! Still clueless but better than the current insanity.

    1. Sorry John:
      Islam bad, extremists bad. You can’t have one without the other, and you can’t have the other without the one.
      Both are insanity.

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