EDL Tommy Robinson


GO TOMMY GO! In response to a SKY NEWS’ blurb that Hamas is a democratically elected government,Tommy states the following:

“Hamas’ charter calls for the obliteration of Israel, do you agree with that elected government?”

H/T: Frank Kitman

NOTE: These mental midgets in the media just repeat the talking points handed down to them from above, there’s is no careful thought given to anything that they say, they’re robots. Hamas took control over the Gaza Strip, throwing Fattah members from the roofs of buildings, and hasn’t sought an election since, how dare this jerk of a journalist bring up ‘democracy’ in the context of terrorist thugs. What an idiot, and Robinson handles him like an adult handling a five year old.

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  1. Robinson is a very impressive person. What’s his background, his family? How old is he?
    He’s one of those patriot-leaders who appear when we need them the most.
    He’ll make his mark in history.

  2. Impressive. These sheeple in the MSM are so utterly clueless when it comes to discussing anything Islam related. How he manages to brush off the fact that they had to wear those masks to avoid having Muslim mobs attack their families is disgusting.

  3. I think Tommy is quite polite to that journalist. I would go nuts if I had to talk to that journalist.

  4. This media man does not know what the fuck he`s talking about

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