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One of the more idiotic stunts seen thus far. Eco-Leftists, Food Liberation Army, mimicking jihadis in Helsinki Finland, whining about the evil hamburger chain in destroying the planet, obesity etc.. Leftist Hamburger Jihad. KGS

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Kidnappers of McDonald’s clown statue in Helsinki demanding answers from the company

Iltalehti: A group using the name Food Liberation Army is demanding that the McDonald’s fast food company to answers its questions. The group threatens to execute the captured clown statue of Ronald McDonald in the event that the company has not responded to the questions submitted by Friday at 18:00 hrs.

The group hijacked the clown doll from the Ruoholahti McDonald’s on Monday in Helsinki. The clown is shown with a hooded group in a YouTube video outlining the issues and the threat to the restaurant chain. Video shows five of the hooded group members, one of which is presenting a modified voice message.

Food Liberation Army today gave the abduction bulletin, which contains the same content as the video. Bulletin presents the eight questions, which call into question McDonald’s operations.

– We love the hamburgers, french fries and McDonald’s, but we can no longer watch the distance, when the food we love is being destroyed and brought to shame, the group says on the video.

McDonald’s communications director, Heli Ryhänen, says that the company did not discuss with the criminals. Restaurant chain has filed a report of the theft with the police.

Ryhänen says that the statue was taken to using false documents. The falsified document was forwarded to the police, who has also asked the restaurant for the surveillance tape.

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  1. Is this stupid or stupid?

    These people need a useful occupation – preferably one that contributes to the public good.

    Too much time on their hands.

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