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Watch this interview with Zuhdi Jasser, Robert Spencer and anti-Israel jack ass, Michael Scheuer, on Fox’s Beck show. The Sheik is right, Spencer rips Scheuer a new one, but he also makes Jasser look the useless, stooge, fool that he is. KGS

NOTE: The Tundra Tabloids gave up on Jasser ages ago. We don’t have any time to wait for people like Jasser to ‘make their mark’ in the Islamic community, because they never will. The saying ”useless as tits on a bull” comes to mind.

SHEIK YER’MAMI: What a despicable, worthless cretin this ex-spook Michael Scheuer is! Scheuer has a long history of making anti-Semitic statements, but this one is the straw that breaks the camels back:

“Israel is such an enormous detriment to the United States. Our relationship with the Israelis. That it’s going to become clear to the Americans that this is just going to cost us blood and lives the longer we pursue this relationship with the Israelis.”

What a disgusting statement. Spencer rips him a new one….

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  1. I’m sorry, but who is Zuhdi Jasser? Never heard of that guy.

    1. Jasser is a lone bird, a mosque of one, who thinks that moderate Islam is the solution. He is, by an average Muslim’s perspective, an apostate, and wouldn’t stand a chance of staying alive if he lived in a majority Muslim state. Yes it would be great that 97% of the world’s Islamic population would think exactly like him, but they don’t, the same percentage rejects his version of islam and would kill him if they had the chance. Offering false hope is not the solution.

  2. Scheuer – just another in a long line of anti- semites.

    And the other guy seems like a pretty naive idealist.

    As usual – Spencer talks basic common sense grounded in the facts – the others are pretty much full of hot air.

  3. Just keep telling yourselves that any and all criticism of Israel is motivated by antisemitism. All other explanations or reasons are out of bounds.

    1. no one said all criticism of Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism, it’s just that those who cross the lines have a serious Jew problem to begin with.

  4. You never hear from them when they are at the company, but when they all leave the list of ex-CIA that are critical of Israel is a long list. Meir Dagan said that the US see Israel as a liability no longer an asset.

    But part of this is because and it is natural the US see Israel’s security different to how Israel see the situation. They are two different perspectives that are constantly in conflict with each other. Israel is concerned about their own situation not the US situation, the US is an asset to Israel not a liability. No one tells the US whom their friends can be, but Israel do not make it easy on the US, as Netanyahu recently proved as he throw the US under a bus.

    The US has suffered terror attacks hence the US interest in the peace process 41 to 42 years, a direct war on terror that has been going for 10 years and has no end date. And Netanyahu has bought in all back to square one.

    Clearly when the world hears an Israel Prime Minster saying that there will be no two state solution and they will not leave the West Bank and Congress responds like that it breeds hatred of the US.

    The message is clear as day in the Muslim world.

    It is simple if you want to destroy Israel or a Palestinian State on 1967 lines then you have to destroy the US first, if the US can be made to suffer the same fate as the USSR then Israel will be on its own and the Muslim world can deal with them.

    If you look at this from a whole Muslim world position Pakistan is a nuclear power and Israel is a Jewish nuclear power. A nuclear bomb could be in the Kingdom of Saud within 48 hours. And that is what would happen the day the US collapses. Pakistan is the only Islamic Country that is a nuclear power.

    So from the Muslim worlds point of view they have to destroy the US, bankrupt them to make the US introspective. So the US spends 13 years in Afghanistan, the US fiscal markets are targeted via 9/11.

    Then due to the US alliances this has an effect on countries from Europe to Asia when the US collapses.

    That is why ex-CIA say the things they do when they leave the company.

    1. Matt, the former CIA director James Woolsey, was then and still is, a big supporter of Israel. There are many CIA agents friendly towards the Jewish state, Clair Lopez is another highly influential name as well.

      About state interests. Every state pursues its own self interests, that’s a given. It just so happens that Israel’s and the US’s dovetail on many fronts, being a fellow democracy is one of the reasons why. The present US admin is stacked with Left-wing hacks who take a dim view to American exceptionalism, and that failed mindset dovetails with an anti-Israel agenda.

      The war on Israel is actually a war on the west, and if we let Israel go the way of the dinasour, it will only hasten the day the enemy is truly knocking on the US’s door. They hate America for what it represents, freedom, liberty, capitalism and the focal point of the west’s superiority over the Islamic ummah. That’s why the US is hated. They are not a Muslim state.

      There is no going back to the Aushwitz lines of the pre-67 war. Doing so would only invite invasion and that means full scale wars, not the minor conflagurations that erupt from time to time. ISrael maintaining its status quo edge in the region keeps stability, and that’s in the US’ self interest, in spite of brief operations from time to time. That’s teh nature of the region, you have to be a realist to understand it.

      Maintaining the status quo is the joint goal of the US and ISrael. Allowing the Arabs to rule the roost only spells immense trouble for the region, a strong Israel is in the best interests of the US and its allies in the west. Most CIA agents without a Jew problem understand that.

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