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Shock! The Counterjihad has been saying it all along, that the multiculturalists’ plan to use mass immigration to enrich European society with a non-inclusive, monoculture like Islam, was, and still is, incredibly stupid. After all the trying, Singapore now admits it can’t bring about the impossible. KGS

Singapore’s Lee: we can’t integrate Muslims

Andrew Bolt: Singapore’s presiding genius, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, on the failure of Muslim integration:

In the book, Mr Lee, when asked to assess the progress of multiracialism in Singapore, said: “I have to speak candidly to be of value, but I do not wish to offend the Muslim community.

“I think we were progressing very nicely until the surge of Islam came, and if you asked me for my observations, the other communities have easier integration – friends, intermarriages and so on, Indians with Chinese, Chinese with Indians – than Muslims. That’s the result of the surge from the Arab states.”

He added: ”I would say today, we can integrate all religions and races except Islam.”

He also said: “I think the Muslims socially do not cause any trouble, but they are distinct and separate.”

Not endorsing, not rejecting. Just noting. More here from the launch of the book: Lee Kuan Yew: Hard Truths to Keep Singapore Going.


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  1. Interesting, I went to Singapore a month ago. Before I went I asked a friend what Singapore was like. He told me that the multiculti works over there, but when I visited Singapore it didn’t look like it worked. You see all kinds of people working together (Chinese, Indians, Western expats), but the Muslims mainly worked together. I thought it was strange to walk in the Arab street while I was in the middle of China town. They also have a mosquestreet, maybe Saudi’s have invested a lot of money in order to spread their influence.

  2. If Lee can’t do it, nobody can. The only way for the infidels to be safe is to have very little or no Islam around them.

    1. Hear hear! John is of course correct. complete separation from Islam is the desired step, getting there would be tough, cutting off all immigration from islamic states is the only logical way to stop the process of Islamization, coupled with a reassertion of Western morals and values and ruile of law that effects all of its citizens and residents. End dual passports and send back criminals who have dual citizenship, back to their own countries.

  3. I think you folks have missed the point. PM Lee’s comments reflect the fact that 1 in 5 people in Singapore, at present, are ex-pats… and most of them come from China. The 12% of the population there that are Malay and Arab Muslims in Singapore are the indigenous people there: they are quite well integrated *except* in the sense that they resist assimilation into the Chinese mainstream. They drive cars, go to school, have jobs, pay taxes…but show a clear preference for marrying within their faith, though they tend to have smaller families like everyone else in Singapore today. Lee’s statements caused quite a stir when he made them, not because the Malay and Arab Muslims there “cannot be integrated”… but because the current generation of Muslims there have been raised speaking English and not Malay because they bought into PM Lee’s pronouncements of a multicultural society… and suddenly Mandarin has become a secondary lingua franca. Luckily, Singaporean Chinese are largely Hokkien-speaking, and are also quite irritated at the influx of Mandarin-speaking Chinese from the mainland…

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