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This guy is getting more at ease in handling the Lefty media, he doesn’t have to answer any of the snarky remarks poised as questions, while piling on with his message, sharia law shouldn’t be an option in the UK, over 90% of the imams in the UK are from abroad, therefor they’re preaching the same hard-core brand of Islam that you’ll find in Pakistan and in Saudi Arabia. Good job Tommy! KGS

From UKgovSucksTV: “Paxman interviews Tommy Robinson on Newsnight, and gets owned by Tommy as he pathetically attempts to upset him and do his usual butting in while Tommy answers a question.”

H/T: Aeneas

Full Version, H/T: Frank Kitman:

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    1. I agree Durotrigian, they’re in denial over the issues as a whole, and it takes an average bloke like Tommy to bring it all into focus for the public. It was a real good interview of Tommy on many different levels.

  1. Tommy blew that pompous, liberal, apologist,dirtbag away, he tried to bury Tommy but ended on the bottom of the heap.

  2. I cant believe they disrespect him like that… what a bastard! Glad Tommy was able to show him up. I wonder what the reach on that specific BBC program is… also, is that the equivalent of going on Keith Olberman in the US? Who watches that garbage show?

  3. In addition, with more of the counterjihad movement being invited to these shows, etc, someone should start coaching them on how to deflect these devious questions and not get cornered. Tommy did an excellent job but I’d hate for someone else to get buried in the process and put a dent in the argument.

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