Yeah, the ‘chinless one’ is preparing for a Syrian day of rage, he’s lowering the price of bread and heating oil.

Assad Prepares for ‘Day of Rage’ in Syria

INN: Syrian President Bashar Assad has one eye on a potential revolution and another eye on remaining a dictator. He says he will push for reforms and will raise subsidies for heating oil, but his country is still restricting Facebook, the social network that is being used to stage an anti-Assad rally Saturday.

In a rare interview with The Wall Street Journal Tuesday, Assad observed that the movements for revolution in Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt signal a “new era” in the Middle East, and that Arab rulers, if they want to remaining power, must understand citizen’s social and economic desires. Unlike Egypt, Syria is openly anti-American and is an ally of Hizbullah and Iran.

Assad’s regime is considered one of the most ruthless, even for the Middle East. Poverty in the country is rising, but is still far less than in other Muslim nations, including Egypt. However, abuses of human rights and freedom of expression are frequently the target of criticism by human rights groups and the United States.

“People here are suffering much more than Egypt or Tunisia but you don’t see it,” a medical student told Al Jazeera. “They keep their mouths shut because they don’t want to be locked up for 10 years.”

Opponents to Assad are using Facebook to prepare for a mass rally Saturday, using proxy servers to get around government restrictions on Facebook. Users must register their names when using Internet cafés, and police have the authority to confiscate the lists.

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  1. To whever wrote this:
    It is a shame that you are discussing syrian leadership as dectatorship compared to other countries in the world, especially Arab ones !! Do you think Saudi Arabia, or Morocco or Yemen or or or are in a better shape ??
    the second thing is that for your information, most people who are urginf for a rage day in Syria are non-syrians, why ? because most syrians don’t want to end up with a situation like EGY today !! Althoug people have the right to speak their minds peacefully, but for every wise man 1000 will attend just to cause trouble ! It’s stupid to follow the lead just for the sake of it !!

  2. To make one point – there IS a law stating you have to give your name in internet cafes but nobody EVER does this. 99% of internet cafes don’t ask, and on the 2 occasions in my entire life when I have been asked, I have just given a fake first name, no need for full ID. So everyone here uses Facebook all the with proxies, and doesn’t worry that the government can find out.

  3. I will be very surprised if the planned day of rage takes place in Syria. The government repression that would take place would make what’s happening in Egypt look tame. Anyone arrested would just simply disappear off the face of the earth never to be heard from again.

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