''Arab Spring'' Egypt Elbaradei


What is happening inside Egypt right now is of tremendous importance for it’s immediate non Muslim neighbor Israel. The BBC is now reporting as I write this that Egyptian Intelligence Chief, Omer Suleiman, has been sworn in as VP of Egypt, which is good for Israel.

The fact that the military is still backing Mubarak means that the Cairo government is still in some control, though the civil government has fled as well as the police.

A Hamas source is also claiming govt security forces in plainclothes are damaging property to make the demonstrators look bad but the Muslim Brotherhood is protecting public property, providing healthcare etc. to the demonstrators – which means that in fact its MB/Hamas damaging public property, blaming it on security forces, and then “protecting” the proprerty from their own operatives.

Whilethe worst problem would be an Islamist takeover, a radical populist government is also dangerous. For example, an unnamed source is saying that:

“the reformist group Kifaya is headed by a virulent, even by Middle East standards, an anti-Semite. El-baredei the reformist candidate wants to work with Hamas. If Suleiman holds than the situation will be ok, but this is serious. Have no illusions. We can not assume the Israel-Egypt treaty will hold.”

So stay tuned folks, the western media is giving Muhamed Elbaradei front and center attention, which means they really think that he will be a good change for the better, when in fact, he’s nothing more than a Muslim Brotherhood stooge. The Finnish media no doubt are buying into the “Elbaradei is the One” meme, and could give a toss, if they have even any knowledge about it, that the MB will be calling the shots through Elbaradei.

Stay tuned. KGS

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