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The Tundra Tabloids reported a couple of weeks ago on the Finnish heavy metal gig called Crushing the Balls of Muhammad” that took place this Friday, and it seems that the event led to not only threats from ‘offended’ Muslims, but also the police were called in to investigate the claim that a Koran was desecrated on stage by one of the bands playing at the event.

The Tundra Tabloids came across the following series of comments by one of the organizers of the event, Jari-Petri Heino, who mentions the following in a post and in the comment thread, about what took place. KGS

Finland is a Muslim heaven

The heavy-metal event organized by Muutos2011rp created an emotional outburst by “the offended” even before the actual event began, and even fear of a possible future terrorist attack. The event itself got moving in large numbers by mainly young people interested in music, but, as it tends to be in Finnish contemporary society, offending Islam took on tragicomic features.

Already in advance the rental agencies for the gig were threatened that if the Islamic sacred values were violated, the place would have its electricity cut off.

Personally, I had to leave the place for technical reasons already by 23:00, but then apparently something began to happen. The police arrived and police-TV (reality program), because obviously the last band defiled the Koran in some way. Muslims were not spotted in the area.

Because I was no longer present, I don’t exactly know. The Koran was desecrated in some way.
I myself am partly responsible for this horrible crime, because I saw in the band’s changing room, a pile of paper from the Koran that had Arabic writing, that had already been desecrated on numerous occasions. It seems that I should have called the police to the site back then.  =)

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  1. Crushing the balls of Muhammad? In Finland?

    How good is that! I must be in the wrong place here in Queensland. Does Finland accept any refugees from downunder?

  2. This is the kind of gig we need to organize for the US. Dearbornistan, Michigan and New Yorkistan come to mind immediately as good prospects. I can clearly visualize the nuclear outrage splattering all over the area. Do they sing in english? Do they do music videos?

    1. Finland happens to be the epic center of heavy metal rock in Europe, arrange a gig with a similar suited name and invite them to the States!

  3. Think your web site is refreshing. I don’t understand why the northern European countries have allowed Middle Eastern ethnic Muslims into their societies, especially since they have resisted blending in. This puzzling attempt at so called “diversification” is ludicrous. However, what’s more puzzling is the support your site has for Israel. I find it interesting that the Jews who live in the various lands of Europe are the ones vanguarding the call for diversification by the European states but blatantly ignore the drive in Israel for a pure Jewish State. Where’s the diversification here, eh? It seems they have no qualms about causing social havoc when it comes to others, but when it comes to their country….?


    1. Hi Janos, Thank you for the kind words about my site.

      What you must consider about Israel is that it sits on the front lines of the jihad against the West. The Arab/Muslim rejection of the Jewish state is directly related to how they view the rest of us, we’re all infidels to them, to be eventually taken over by their system of sharia, whether it takes 10 or a hundred or a thousand years. The only thing worth respecting in the Muslim mentality is the patience in which they continually move the goal posts in their favor.

      As for your assertion that it’s “Jews” driving the drive for multiculturalism, I look at it as a Left vs. Right issue, Marxist drivind ideology is behind the drive for multiculturalism and Political Correctness. Let me tell you something, they are plenty of Jews on the other side, our side, in the ranks of the counterjihad who are working with us like any other concerned person about the Islamic threat.

      Much of what we know about Jihad, Islamic imperialism, Islamization etc., has come by way of Jewish scholars, but lets not lose focus here, it’s all about Islam vs. the non-Islamic world. The numbers of non-Jewish leaders/activists hell bent enforcing multiculturalism in the West far exceed any Jewish numbers, but it’s a grave mistake (IMHO) to identify “what ethnic group is responsible for what”, this is all about the ideology of the statist, the believer in big government squashing the rights of the individual.

      Now let me say this about Israel, whatever you mean about a “pure Jewish state” it’s a misnomer to believe that Israelis “strive to be pure”, they have over 1.2 million Arabs living as citizens, take in all kinds of refugees themselves and have a problem with illegals as well. The problem is all over the West, including in Israel.

      Israel is more multi-ethnic and to some point, very greatly divided between the groups which causes the very same problems as here in Europe. The real culprit as I see it in the Islamization of the West, is big statist government doing whatever it feels like doing regardless of who’s in office, and what the people really want, because the political system is rigged.

      We do not have a primary system that allows the people to field candidates of choice, so in that sense, we are doomed to vote for the party, not for the candidate, and when the overwhelming majority of the parties agree for the most part on specific policies, like multiculturalism, there is little that the average person can do. Really, this all about statists running amok and being unanswerable to the people. It just so happens that a Finnish anti-mass immigration party that takes a dim view on the EU and Islam has suddenly hit the nerve of the average folk here, and is set to shake things up. that’s the only way it can be done here, you have to start a whole new party, it’s almost impossible to exact change within existing ones.

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