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The atrocities from the ROP keep on coming. A faulty x-ray of a fetus ends up dashing the hopes of a Muslim father, so he takes it out on the woman who bore it by beating her up.

He probably had his heart set on one of these. KGS

Man beats wife after she delivers baby girl

Emirates 24/7: An Arab expatriate in Saudi Arabia stormed into the gynaecology section in a hospital, woke up his wife and beat her up for delivering a baby girl, newspapers reported on Thursday.

The unnamed husband was later overpowered and taken out by staff members and security at the hospital in the central town of Makkah.

He then accused the hospital of swapping his baby as his wife had told him previous x-rays had shown she was pregnant with a boy.

But doctors tried to calm him down and told him x-rays are not always accurate in identifying the sex of the baby.

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  1. Gotta love the Koranimals – they never cease to amaze!!


  3. Could this be why we now have so many angry young muslim men? Baby girls are aborted on a regular basis so we end up with an inbalance of the sexes. Maybe scans should not be given then they would not know the sex of a baby. They should be grateful to have a healthy baby, whatever its sex, many people would love to give birth to a healthy baby, or even to have a child at all. Ungrateful muslims – never happy, always offended and seemingly always angry – what could be their problem – the Koran perhaps?

  4. Since it is the father’s seed that determines the baby’s gender, he should beat himself

  5. Stupid pig. I keep asking the same questions. Where are all those human rights organizations that are supposed to be helping women in these situations? The issue is not liberal enough for them. Now if they were not Muslims this would be all over the news. Belgium is evicting the Jews in preference to the Muslims and I hope they all have a happy life together they deserve each other. Why are people so ignorant to the ways of these people. The world should be evicting the Muslims bury them in the desert some where and let the devil take them back.

  6. when will these people come into the 19th century?

  7. Ignorant Mo-Fo, should have beaten himself, as he (his sperm) was the one that decided the sex of the baby, not her.

  8. Where are all the Women’s Liberation Movements from the West? Are they hiding in their closets until they can pick-on a Western male to attack? Shame on these ‘liberated’ women from the West!!

  9. Isaac: Our liberated Western women prefer soft targets like the castrated Western male. They know and acknowledge that they wouldn’t look good with egg – or bits of brain – on their face.

  10. Its not Islam that tells people to treat daughters like this. The Quran teaches does not teach this ignorant behaviour this is only stupid old customs. Islam forbids this behaviour.
    Christianity forbids rape, murder, robbing, lying etc but all of this goes on in the Christian world amongst other religions. It is not Religion that is the problem it is man. Dont be ignorant and say Islam is savagery because I am not one.

    1. Islam teaches all kinds of depravity as a religious right. It’s irrelevant what you follow as long as the four schools of jurisprudence believe the horrors within the koran are for all times.

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