Islam 101


Thanks to Vlad.

NOTE: Let the Tundra Tabloids know what you think of the video, especially one portion of it, I hope that you catch it. KGS

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  1. I guess the failure of imagination of westerners raised in democratic countries illuminates for me the basic question I have been asking myself for some time now – that is, how is it that so many peoplerefuse to recognise the reality of Islam.

    For many people, I have come to believe, it is the sense of bemusement and utter incomprehension concerning the reality of Islam and what it actually stands for.

    I think it’s just too awful for many people to accept into their conscious thought processes.

    The image of the burned out smoking ruins represents the destructive violence of political jihad – its mindless destructive violence.

    It defaces, destroys and ultimately has nothing to offer the human spirit.

  2. Hi Raymond, it’s the fact that many of the baby boomers after the war have lived in relative freedom and peaceful, but boring democracy, having the untold freedom to pursue their own self interests (which is fine by me) but forget that it all came at a very high cost. Leftism has exploited the successes of capitalism and the great societies that great economic system helped to create.

    We have to convey the seriousness of the moment to all of our families and friends and work contacts. It’s something that we have to do, period, the Left are working against the civil society and are more than happy to watch it crash and burn.

  3. Maybe they are afraid or just reluctant to admit that Satan actually exists.

    1. Hi Rene, I believe there’s a mental condition at work here, the same kind that effected many Jews in Europe leading up to WWII, despite all the warning signs, many refused to escape, choosing rather to believe it’ll all just work itself out. The obvious was too difficult to conceptualize, so many that could have otherwise save themselves, looked the other way. The same thing is at play here with the post-Christian European self anointed elite.

  4. KGS:
    You raise a good point about people looking the other way. Also the fact that our generation, (post-war baby boomers) have been able to ride on the coat tails of those men and women who endured the horrors of the second world war to protect and preserve so much of what we take for granted today. Our children are even more oblivious to the sacrifices it took so we can live in our modern free world.
    Our freedom has not been seriously threatened on a global scale since Nazi Germany although it has been slowly undermined in many “softer” ways, one might say.
    Western society seems to be so pre-occupied with television drivell, vapid entertainment, sporting events, video games, cell phones, Ipods, texting…etc.
    Even this damned computer…! 🙂 It also seems to me the education system is dumbing down our children. “Keep-em stupid” as my dear old mom used to say.
    Most people don’t even recognize the threat Islam poses, and in many cases I’m aware of, they either don’t care or they’re fearful and don’t want to hear about such things.
    People who work directly with me know of my interest in Islam and I don’t shrink from talking about the insanity of the religion. They call me “Mus”. But I share as much information as I can with them and I must say their awareness has been heightened substantially by what we talk about.
    I must admit, as a Canadian, I was shocked, but also pleasently surprised at our country stating that Iran wasn’t going to dictate to Canada what we would show in here with regards to the film “Iranium”. Maybe it’s not too late to grow a spine in the West.

  5. I was looking for this quote as I’d seen the movie awhile back..too bad you couldn’t get just the excerpt? There were many different people featured and somehow this just stuck in my head. Who could ever imagine something like this happening in our life time? I mean Islam is what (especially our children) we’re up against right now! I don’t think it’s sunk in for most? That’s just cause of the enemedia though. Norway..going to ban dogs? Women are raped, honor killing on the rise…..)

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