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UK officials have been warned time and again that they’ve got a serious problem on their hands with the fundamuslims, yet they keep pampering the problem with their continual leaning over backwards attempts to ‘reach out’ to the Muslim communities. How’s that been working for them thus far? KGS

Fatwa against Theresa May: Scotland Yard investigates Islamic poster campaign targeting Home Secretary


Posters issuing a fatwa against Theresa May have appeared in South London, prompting an investigation by Scotland Yard.

The Metropolitan Police are seeking the source of the Wild West-style posters, which claim the fatwa has been issued ‘for the abduction, kidnapping and false imprisonment’ of various radical clerics.
A fatwa can – but not always – be interpreted as an incitement to kill, and is an order issued by scholars in the Islamic faith.

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NOTE: Please keep this in mind the next time you hear of Sunni sheiks issuing fatwas, they are as meaningless as the person issuing it. I would also argue that the Shiite version of the fatwa is as meaningless as well since competing fatwas cancel the other in the minds of the Mussulmen. Only ignorant Westerners give it any weight.

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  1. Abu Hamza – Political prisoner. LOL! Those guys are funny

  2. There will be civil unrest in Britain, you can see it simmering away. Many ordinary citizens are beginning to see their country and their way of life being eroded on a daily basis. Enoch Powells Rivers of Blood will become a sad reality. This has come about because of weak and myopic politicians who have, for far too long been too afraid to act.

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