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”Anyone who knows about Islam knows that stoning is in the Koran, and that it is Islamic law. There are people who call it inhuman – but in doing so they insult the Prophet. They want to bring foreign thinking to this country”

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  1. Barbaric heathens. They do not believe in God only their twisted atiquated ways of hate and death,

  2. Just another day with The Religion of Peace (TM). Every leftist egghead in the US should be made to watch this, front to back, without blinking or turning away, maybe even Clockwork Orange Style, in head restraints and with eyes propped open.

    Not that it would them any good or educate them in any way, just I’d love to hear the torrents of inventive invective vomiting forth as they figure out how to blame this on Sarah Palin and George Bush.

    1. Seems PsychoDad was being sarcastic in regards to his riposte about the Burqa matter.

      Good for you PsychoDad.


  3. This is absolutely disgusting and heart-breaking. These sharia laws are inhumane. They do not know God, the do not know truth! This religion has nothing to do with God! They are sickening!!! I pray that the one and true God and Lord Christ deal with these people as they have done to these people. Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Right on Catherine! Islam has nothing in common with Christianity. Its darkness contrasted to light; hate and violence contrasted to love and peace.

      Jesus summarised the Law by saying you are to love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, and strength, and to love your neighbour as yourself.

      No golden rule in Islam and that’s the truth!

  4. god damn these ……. i literally cant find the appropriate word to describe these so called ppl….. this is beyond anything that can even be condemned ….i say take our troops out and nuke the %$@^ing place

  5. These people should be hanged for this brutal/cruel act. Having said that, please stop hating any religion. All these comments about Islam are here just because of a few people (scum) doing these things and blowing themselves up. We just cant get up one day and say all hindus are bad because they burn the widow on the funeral pier or because of hindu suicide bombers in Sri Lanka. Similarly we cant say christianity is bad because women were accused of witchcraft and burnt alive (absurd), or Jewish people are bad because Hitler was Jewish. We must understand that this kind of acts are not a result of religion but ignorance, lack of education, ancient traditions, poverty etc. I hope sanity prevails and wish for peace for all. I do hope I did not offend anyone. If I did I am sorry, it was not my intention.

    1. Adolf Hitler was not Jewish. That you chose to claim he was speaks loudly of the muslim mindset the world is battling over the past decades, and of course throughout history. There is nothing to like in the ideology, so why should I stop hating it? It’s a totalitarian system and way of life, and therefore, detestable. Hindus, Jews and Christians are not interested in shoving their mores onto the world, all are free to accept or reject them, Islam has a completely different way at viewing that. Islam = oppression.

        1. That has proved to be a total lie. peddle it somewhere else anti-Semite.

          1. “a muslim”,true that all muslim do not carry out these horrid acts and are not jihadist. However all jihadist are Muslims and do so according to the quran…so it is within the basic beliefs of the Muslims to do this. You may have forgotten that mohammad himself created the jihad who oppresses the Muslims. only a small number if people followed Mohammad willingly. The others were forced…there’s a good but your ancestors were forced by Mohammad ..

  6. Well apparently its not confirmed if Hitler had Jewish roots (sorry for that). Regardless you get the idea.

  7. Really, arguing about religions is pointless.Especially comparing christianity and islam as light and darkness. That is just a plain stupid argument. I can see that the majority of the comments here is about uneducated people, cultural, political and religion wise. The stoning was also a punishment in the bible and thora so please, don’t try to justify your own believes that way. Also, this is a political thing, sistematicly( sorry for spelling) degrading women. Sadly, it is still being practiced in some countries. It has nothing to do with religion, it is just an excuse. The same way christians, for example, justify they hate on homosexuals. It’s justification of hate. So before you glorify your own believes think of the message.

    1. You should know Minnuit, that Judaism hasn’t executed anyone by stoning in over 2000 years. In Christianity, Jesus said whoever is without sin cast the first stone”, thereby ending the practice for all Jewish/Christians in the future. Mohamed, the warlord terrorist however, did not, in fact, he ensured that the practice would be instituted for all times. Of course their can be comparing of religions, and when that happens, people are free to pick and choose from themselves what is best for them, or nothing at all. But Islam doesn’t allow for that as you know oh so well, being from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Your downplaying Islam’s central role in capital punishment by stoning, is ludicrous, since Mohamed and all the respected hadiths attest to his role in it. Sure I hate Islam, what there not to hate?

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