Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Finnish media The Guardian YLE


YLEswallows whole the A-J story line hook and sinker. It’s superficial reporting that’s actually coming straight from the Guardian, and lets be frank here, they (speaking of of the Finnish broadcaster YLE) haven’t the intelligence nor journalistic inquisitiveness to explore it any deeper, they just haven’t the skills, but they do have desperate need to stick to the officially accepted narrative. Jews bad, Palis good.

The stage has been set for a Hamas takeover of the whole enchilada. The TT originally thought the release was the work of just one or a few of potential leaders of the Fattah and PLO movement as a whole, but it now looks to be both supporters of Hamas, and/or Fattah hard liners setting the stage to topple some heavyweight figures within the Fattah and Palestinian movement, with the media both complicit in the propaganda as well carrying their water for them.

Barry Rubin lays the facts bare:

Do you really believe that suddenly, for no apparent reason, and no big Israeli concession the Palestinian negotiators tossed away their demand for a “Right of Return” for millions of Palestinians and accepted a mere 100,000 being let into Israel? And if you don’t believe it, how can you think that these papers are authentic?

Do you believe that this could have happened without the U.S. government knowing about it? And if so why didn’t it factor into U.S. policy at all? Indeed, anyone who understands Israeli politics would comprehend that if given such an offer Olmert and Livni–desperate to survive politically–would have made a deal.

Only someone who believes that Israel has no interest in peace–which is what the Guardian and al-Jazira think–could conceive that these leaders would just walk away after the PA made an offer that was light years’ better than anything ever hinted at before. Only those who demonize Israel could believe that Livni was advocating expelling Arab citizens of Israel as if she were no different from Meir Kahane.

Now comes the portion where Rubin exposes the Guardian’s darker secrets, and show just how rotten to the core this media institution actually is. The editor of the Guardian was a pro-Soviet voice then, and a Hamasophile now:

If people in academic or journalism won’t listen, or report, what you have to say, how can anyone do a better job of getting them to understand the situation and report on it accurately? We are often dealing with willing participants in a propaganda campaign for whom professional ethics has no meaning.

Here is a brief biography of the Guardian editor who co-authored the Palestine Papers articles:

Seumas Milne, who is the co-author of the scoop, and is likely to have been the conduit for the leaks is an interesting character. He is a Wykhamist, via Balliol, Oxford. Prior to joining the Guardian, he worked for “Straight Left”, which was the newspaper of the hard line, pro-USSR, “Tankie” faction in the Communist Party of Great Britain. These were the guys who applauded the suppression of bourgeois nationalist backsliding in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. If you want a taste of Milne’s current politics, try googling his articles in the Guardian along with the words “Iraq” and “resistance”. You’ll see pretty clearly where his sympathies lie.

Milne was appointed Comment Editor of the Guardian just prior to September 11. In its wake, he filled the Guardian comment pages with op eds by Hamas officials and spokesmen, and their British and Middle Eastern supporters. On one occasion, they even had an op-ed by Al Faqih, Osama Bin Laden’s man in Britain.

Milne also wrote articles basically calling Fatah a bunch of Israeli stooges and puppets. He knows very well what he is doing.

And that is his purpose here. Smearing Israel is a plus but destroying the current leadership of the PA and bringing Hamas to power is his main goal. This is the man, along with the Islamist-dominated al-Jazira whose reportage is now being taken at its word by the world media. Talk about ease in manipulating and fooling the world! This could be a new record.

While portions of the leaked documents might well be factual, there are certainly portions of them that have been doctored to present the targets in the worst possible light. Al-Azeera, which has become a fundamuslim run organization, in collusion with the Guardian, a radical Left-wing hack newspaper from Which both the BBC and the Finnish news media are more than happy to run their propaganda without giving it any further thought. This is journalism at its worst. KGS

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