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Instead of focusing on UK citizens, these faux conservatives take to the strategy of the balkanizing Left, and focus on ‘groups’. Karl Marx couldn’t be more pleased. KGS

Pajamas and slippers seen everywhere

They should reject the idea of fielding candidates based on their ethnicity and race and/or religion, and field responsible candidates who best represent conservative views. It means a complete rejection of minority and majority (group) politics.

NOTE: Instead of focusing on groups, conservatives should be addressing their political message to appeal to the individual who make up the whole of society. Identity driven politics is devastating to society as a whole. It pits one side in continual competition with other. it’s at the heart of multiculturalism. It’s classic Marxism through and through.

H/T Aeneas

The “Jerkinator” shows the way

Who else better to spread faux conservatism than this idiot

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