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We are literally suffocating here in Finland, suffocating I tell you. These politicians don’t know their own arse from a hole in the ground, they know nothing about the real function of a state government, instead, their sole purpose in government is to increase their role in the everyday lives of the citizenry. There is nothing off limits, they seek to control every ‘sector’ of human life.

Go ahead, read the article, then come back and tell me just why government should be in the role of family councilor. We need  this ‘consolidation’ of family affairs departments and the whole public sector of bureaucrats that go with it, like a hole in the head. We can live fine without the entire bureaucracy and the extra taxes that fund it, thank you. KGS

Another useless poltician

Finland’s prime minister Mari Kiviniemi

The Centre Party Chair, Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi has called for a new minister for families’ and children’s affairs.

Speaking on YLE TV 1 Ykkösaamu morning programme on Saturday, Kiviniemi hoped that family policies would fall under the rule of a single minister, who could co-ordinate these affairs more efficiently.

According to Kiviniemi, the new minister would work in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, which would assume responsibility for family affairs from other ministries.

The new minister would be responsible for matters such as helping to reconcile the demands of work and family-life. At the same time, Kiviniemi admitted that not enough has been achieved in family policy during the present Government’s term.

Varied Responses from SDP and the National Coalition Party

The Social Democratic Party rejected Kiviniemi’s proposal.

SDP Deputy Chair Maria Guzenina-Richardson said that the sitting government has failed in its family policies, as the number of poor families has significantly increased, and that a new minister would do little to help their situation.

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NOTE: Guzman is right, the new ministry will do nothing to add jobs to the marketplace, these morons know absolutely nothing about how to grow the economy. Yes, the present government is calling for the decrease in the public sector, hence the need to consolidate overlapping departments, but that begs the question of why we need them in the first place. They should be talking about cutting social spending in a big way, radically lowering private taxes and providing incentives to new entrepreneurs, like cutting the massive red tape in place to make it easy to start new businesses and offer them tax breaks as well.

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