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US foreign policy in total disarray. The Obama administration is looking like a bunch of chumps with this latest move, even more than usual. Hint, international recognition where none is deserved, is the main goal for regimes like Assad’s. There is no reason for them to to turncoat against the Iranians as long as the US and the West in general keep behaving like a bunch os suckers. Great going Zero.   KGS

Assad: Yes they can!

Syria gets first US ambassador since 2005 fallout

BREITBART: Robert Ford, the first US ambassador to Syria since 2005, arrived on Sunday in Damascus where he will have a challenging task to re-engage the two countries which disagree on a raft of issues.

“The US ambassador arrived in Damascus,” a US embassy source told AFP.

“He will not have any official meetings before submitting his credentials to President Bashar al-Assad,” in line with protocol, the source said, adding that the procedure should take place within the week.

Ford’s arrival comes almost six years after Washington withdrew ambassador Margaret Scobey, days after the February 2005 assassination in Beirut of ex-premier Rafiq Hariri in a massive car bomb.

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