So to did Saddam Hussein’s regime and now look it at it, the constitution is more Islamic than before he was deposed. The Tundra Tabloids believes that there was a very good reason to remove Saddam, -something that many are more than willing to forget, especially since so much propaganda has littered the airwaves and archives surrounding the history of the war- but it didn’t lead to an outbreak of modernity in Iraq, no matter how ‘secular’ the country was supposed to have been.

Like Iraq, watch for the return of hardcore fundaislam to hit the streets. And if you think the people there fear secular military regimes, just wait until the rise of the fundamuslims. The people will always find it hard to react against them, since so much of the Islam that they stand for, is deeply embedded into their psyche. It’s like the difference between an alcoholic and someone addicted to food. The drunk learns to live without the drink, but the food addict still has to ingest its drug and usually ends up failing miserably. KGS

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The Telegraph: Their preferred title was “Tunisia’s First Family”. To the people they ruled over, though, president Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali and his clan were known as “The Mafia” – a ruling clique whose greed and nepotism ultimately caused their downfall.

Following in the footsteps of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin and numerous other deposed dictators, Mr Ben Ali was granted refuge in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, starting what will likely be a comfortable, if less than dignified, political retirement.

But as millions of Tunisians celebrated the end of his 23-year-long authoritarian rule, it was not just the 74-year-old president they were glad to see the back of.

Far more reviled, it seems, was his second wife Laila, a feisty brunette more than 20 years his junior, who was dubbed “The Regent of Carthage” for her power behind the throne.

A former hairdresser from a humble background, she stands accused of using her marriage to Mr Ben Ali to turn her family, the Trabelsis, into the desert nation’s most powerful business clique.

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