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The Counterjihad bows its head in honor of those brave Armenians that stood their ground to face the advance of imperialist, colonialist Islam in 638. It’s a testimony to their own sense of cultural pride and identity that they’ve managed to retain their Christianity in the face of the Mohammedan horde and its oppressive dhimmitude system. Three cheers for the Armenians, three cheers for the Counterjihad. KGS

Islamic forces occupy the Armenian city of Dvin, 6 January 642

The Arab conquest of Armenia was a part of the Muslim conquests after the death of Muhammad in AD 632. Persian Armenia had fallen to the Byzantine Empire shortly before, in AD 629, and was conquered in the Rashidun Caliphate by AD 645.

After Muhammad’s death in 632, his successors started a military campaign in order to increase the territory of the new Caliphate. During the Muslim conquests, the Arabs conquered most of the Middle East.

Map detailing the route of Khalid ibn Walid’s invasion of Armenia in 638.

Towards the year 639, under the leadership of Abd‑er‑Rahman, 18,000 Arabs penetrated the district of Taron and the region of the Lake of Van and put the country to fire and sword. The Arab warriors were poor and ill-armed, but recklessly brave and inflamed with an intense fanaticism until then unknown among ancient peoples.[1]

On January 6, 642 the Arabs stormed and took the city of Dvin, slaughtered 12,000 of its inhabitants and carried 35,000 into slavery.[1] Prince Theodorus of the Rshtuni family confronted the Arabs, and came out victorious by liberating the enslaved Armenians.[2]

Bishop Sebeos recorded the history of the Arab conquest. In his History of Heraclius, he wrote of the sad fate of his country. He said,

“Who can tell the horrors of the invasion of the Ishmaelite (Arab), who set both the land and the sea ablaze? […] The blessed Daniel foresaw and foretold like misfortunes. […] In the following year (643), the Ishmaelite army crossed to Atrpatakan (Azerbaijan) and was divided into three corps. One moved towards Ararat; another into the territory of Sephakan Gound, the third into the land of Alans. Those who invaded the domain of the Sephakan Gound spread over it, destroying, plundering and taking prisoners. Thence they marched together to Erevan, where they attacked the fortress, but were unable to capture it.”[1]


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  1. Many know of the Muslim Turkish genocide of about 1.5 million Armenians in 1915, but I would estimate that over the fourteen centuries of Islamic rule that Muslims have mass murdered about ten million Armenians. Many tens of millions of other Christians (Copts, Assyrians, etc.) have been mass murdered by Muslims but historians have simply erased their existence and suffering from history.

    1. Arius, sadly, you are correct. The Muslims have been responsible for tens of millions of murders and mayhem, with the Armenians being one of the more targeted groups, like the Copts in Egypt…because they refuse to bend.

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