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No it can’t. It might result in the lowering of the bloodshed in the streets, but it won’t solve the issue of an intolerant, viciously violent, bloody ideology that is supremacist in design and seeks world domination that is Islam. KGS

NOTE: Peace with Islam is Shenouda II’s …’pope dream’.

‘Calm can solve all issues’

Egypt’s Coptic Pope Shenouda III appealed for calm on Monday as Christian protesters clashed with police for a third day in a row after a New Year’s Day bombing killed 21 churchgoers.

The spiritual head of the Middle East’s largest Christian minority also called on the government to address his flock’s grievances.

The unrest came as police went on high alert and tightened church security for Christmas, which Copts celebrate on Friday, as investigators hunted the perpetrators of the Alexandria church bombing.

Tensions spilled over again late on Monday as protesters in a northern Cairo neighbourhood threw rocks at police who tried to block a march by thousands of Copts.

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UPDATE: DP111 send the TT the following, though about the slaughter of Christians in Baghdad, relevant nonetheless:

I will repost an account of the recent massacre of Christians in Baghdad, as it gives an idea of not just the act of mass murder but the sheer evil that permeates the minds of the true followers of Islam


First one priest — a Father Wasim, among those trying to hold the door — shouted, “Leave them alone, take me!” He was immediately shot. A Father Thair then shouted from the altar, likewise, “Leave them alone, take me!” and was likewise annihilated.

In the cathedral proper, the jihadis used the central crucifix for target practice, while shouting in mockery, “Come on, tell Him to save you!” At their leisure, they executed the men of the congregation, while terrorizing the women and children in various other ways. They shot the arms off a couple of girls who tried to use cellphones; they shot babies who were crying. And in classical Arabic, with Egyptian and Syrian accents, they declared: “We are going to heaven, and you are going to hell. Allah is great!”

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