Priceless. (Correction) Muslims Cultists called the Black Hebrews, who the TT hopes who will continue with the same methodology. LOL! KGS

Special thanks to Sheik Yer’Mami for this one.

Here’s more about them:

2 Responses

  1. Thats a lot of effort put in just to figure out someones skin color and and hair type. You ever wonder why the writers of the Bible don’t concentrate on such thoughts? Think about that for a while. Then use the Bible for what it was mostly intended for.

  2. Oh, and I really have to laugh at these black guys that talk about being slaves for 400 years. What a joke. And why aren’t they going over to the middle east, a place full of brown people, and effecting the destruction of slavery over there? It is still going on you know. And it was blacks who captured the blacks for the slave market. And Africa is chuck full of blacks who want to kill other blacks. And it was mostly, arab ships that brought these blacks to Americas slave markets. Those black israelites are just another group of black people who love to hate and play the “po little me” game. And you, young lady, might want to think twice about being one of “G_Ds chosen people. Most of them don’t believe in the risen Lord Jesus, which means that they will have to undergo judgement when their time comes. Thats my opinion, but, what do I know?

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