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Actually the more sound advice is for Jews not to date nor marry Muslim Arab men, the risk factor is just too great. Their children will automatically be deemed Muslim and they run the risk of some seriously rough treatment down the road, especially if they remain in close proximity to Islamic communities. This isn’t racism, but reality. KGS

Sally Fields in Not Without My Daughter, of an American woman married to an Iranian who, while on vacation with the family in Iran, became religious and decided to stay in Iran, with both the wife and child.

Prominent Israeli Rabbis’ Wives Advise: ‘Don’t Date Arab Men’

Breitbart: A new letter is circulating in Israel signed by 27 prominent Rabbis’ wives. Those behind it insist that it isn’t about racism but about protecting the Jewish faith. Really? Doesn’t sound like that when you read the letter. An Israeli news source reports:

After the rabbis’ letter called on Jews not to rent apartments to Arabs comes their wives’ turn: Twenty-seven prominent rabbis’ wives signed a letter distributed by the ‘Lehava’ organization calling on Jewish women not to date Arabs, work in places where Arabs are employed or volunteer for National Service with them….

The letter stated that “there are quite a few Arab workers who use Hebrew names. Yusuf becomes Yossi, Samir becomes Sami and Abed becomes Ami. They seek your proximity, try to appeal to you and give you all the attention you could ask for, they actually know how be polite and act making you believe they really care…but their behavior is only temporary.

“As soon as they have in you in their grasp, in their village, under their complete control – everything becomes different. Your life will never be the same, and the attention you sought will be replaced with curses, physical abuse and humiliation.”

The letter further stated, “Your grandmothers never dreamed that one of their decedents would, by one act, remove future generations from the Jewish people. For you, for future generations, and so that you will never have to endure the terrible suffering, we appeal to you, begging, pleading, praying: Don’t date them, don’t work where they work and don’t perform National Service with them.”

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  1. I agree with you. This is just another strategy to empower the muslim demographic. People in the West seem to think things like these don’t matter, but they do. A lot of those relationships are doomed. I know a women who was married to an Arab muslim. Her family was okay with it because they claimed he was moderate. Guess what? She lost her freedom step by step. He had beaten her up and threatend to take her kids away from her.

    1. Sophie, sadly that scenario has been plyed out time and again, here in Finland as well.

  2. Good for the Israeli Rabbis wives. Time someone started exposing the trickery of the muslim person. (wasn’t I nice for using the word ‘person’?) This article needs to be posted in Americas Universities newspapers.

  3. Its the same story in the UK. Woman marries a Muslim. A few years down the road, they both visit the the Muslim home country of the man, along with their children.

    We all know the rest.

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