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Now here’s a story that runs counter to the meme propagated by the followers of Mohamed’s imaginary friend, that Islam is a religion of peace. Due to intimidating threats leveled at a Coptic church in Sweden, four policemen visited the parish priest on Christmas Eve, resulting in the decision to close the church until further notice. ROP= hatred of everyone else. KGS

From Islam in Europe:

Gothenburg: Coptic Church closed down due to internet threats

The Coptic Christian church in Agnesberg (Gothenburg) was closed down after receiving an internet threat. The threat was vague, but the Swedish security service was called in .

There are about 400 Coptic families in Sweden, most living in the Stockholm area. The community in Gothenburg has about 200 members.

On Christmas Eve the community’s pastor, Father Shenouda, was visited by four police officers who said that there were calls on the internet for what the police called ‘activities’ against certain Christian churches in Europe.

Father Shenouda contacted his community members and told them that Sunday’s mass was canceled. The church is closed for up to two weeks, to enable the police to look for possible bombs. The Coptic Christmas Eve is on Jan. 6th, and they hope to be able to use the church by then.

Police spokesperson Jan Strannegård did not want to say more about the threat or what security measure the police have taken in response. Strannegård didn’t say whether the threat originated in Egypt.

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  1. One way to stop the terror against Arab Christians in Sweden, is to deport them back to the ME.

    What? Its being done? Good good. Sweden has accepted Islamic rule. Pat Condell is right – Sweden wins as prize for the first Dhimmi nation in Europe.

  2. the best way is round table discussion for all things. Me i’m just living with Islam society. Not all Islam have tendency of killing christian or fellow human being. No body talked about us. so those who are against fellow human being because of religion must think and look ways that can lead them to live as the will of God.

    1. Oh, great to know that …”not all islam society is killing the non-Muslim”, I’ll sleep better tonight knowing it’s just 250 million whack-jobs trying to kill me instead a hundred million more.

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