Defamation of Religion Finland State hypocrisy


Bear with the Tundra Tabloids for a moment. This airing of the movie by YLE, the Finnish state broadcaster, receives the TT’s full approval, in spite of the fact that it offends Christians and Jews, for both religions were pilloried in the movie by the Monty Python Flying Circus troupe.

It’s not to say that the TT agrees with the MPFC’s insults and defamation of religious figures that occurred in the movie, but that it’s their right to do so, and that the offended have every right to turn the channel and watch something else, or pop in a DVD.

But using the logic from the same Finnish government that recently stated its intention to ‘crack down’ on those offenders who dare mock, satire and generally offend “those of faith” (read = insult Islam) they should be starting the process (once the new laws are on the books) against their own organization for “giving offense”.

YLE: So-called hate crimes against a person on the grounds of race, faith, sexual orientation or disability would fall under the same clause.

The TT doesn’t want to hear the argument that the intended new law would only mean “this, and never that”, because the Finnish state is already prosecuting people for “giving offense”. The Finnish state is the sole arbiters of what is “offensive speech”, so they can make any excuse and interpretation to fit their political agenda at any given time. Oh and one more thing, the state would never dare to even contemplate the gross hypocrisy of their own state organ (YLE) showing an offensive movie while its other judicial organ is busy prosecuting others for basically doing the same thing. KGS

Here’s the bio to the movie:

Jesus has a side role in the hilarious Monty Python comedy, Life of Brian. The main role is of Brian born in the neighboring stable of Jesus in Bethlehem, in the year zero. As an adult, Brian is lumped in with various groups pursuing independence rebellion and fighting between themselves. Brian, against his will, becomes a religious leader. Eventually, Calvary calls even the Messiah.

All-time funniest comedy movie, Life of Brian, caused during its production, even riots. Prosecution for blasphemy, at least were mislead in the sense that the film insulted against the hypocrisy of religion and its use of politics. These side issues made the movie contemporary.

NOTE: Remember folks, in today’s world, truth is no longer a defense.

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