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Justice Iranian style. They don’t just hang people, they get the family members involved then strangle them. The Tundra Tabloids is for justice, and if the death penalty is called for, then it has to be the most humane form of capital punishment (An oxymoron? But you know what I mean) possible. Having to beg for your life from the people related to the person you killed, then have your stool kicked out from underneath you to start your strangling to death, sure sounds barbaric. Or is it just me?  KGS

Woman hanged for murdering ex-soccer star lover’s wife ‘had stool kicked away by his son’ in gruesome Tehran jail execution

She prayed and cried in final moments after victim’s assembled family denied last-gasp appeal for clemency.

The barbaric scene that accompanied yesterday’s execution of an Iranian woman who murdered a love rival has emerged.

Shahla Jahed, 40, was hanged at Evin Prison in Tehran yesterday morning, with her stool kicked away by the son of the woman she was found guilty of killing.

The former lover of Iranian soccer star Nasser Mohammad Khani, she had admitted to stabbing to death his ‘permanent’ wife Laleh Saharkhizan in 2002, although she repeatedly retracted the confession during her trial.

Human rights activists believe her confession was forced out of her.


Jahed was portrayed as an obsessed stalker, likened to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, at her trial in 2004, but she had also been the ‘temporary wife’ of the Iranian footballer, who won fame with a succession of league titles as player and coach with Persepolis FC, Iran’s biggest club.

In the Shiite faith – the majority religion in Iran – men and women can marry for an agreed period of time.

Afterwards, the marriage is null and void, although it can be renewed, but there is an obligation for both to look after any offspring.

Men can have up to four permanent wives, and any number of temporary wives. Women can only be married to one man at a time.

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  1. Islam is obviously satanic.
    John 10 v 10 says the Thief comes to steal and kill and destroy, but I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.
    Jesus speaking here..

  2. No, it’s not Islam’s blame. To me it’s ideal that a murder victim’s family is involved in capital punishment

  3. If you saw the end of Season II of “Homeland” Brody (Played by Brit Damian Lewis) is actually rightfully hung for killing an Iranian official in cold blood. The victim’s wife spits on him, then places the noose around Brody’s neck.

    Brody is then hoisted up by a crane with no hood over his head, so that the gathered crowd, and in particular the official’s family, can watch him turn about six shades of blue as his life is painfully choked out of him

    The way we should execute killers of the innocent here in the USA.

    Only gang-member-on-gang-member and inmate-scum on inmate-scum killings should be done as painless lethal injections.

    If you kill a child or your robbery victim, or any other innocent, the victim’s family ought to be able to douse you in petrol and burn you alive, strangle you, or whatever else the kcuf they see fit.

    1. There can never be any real trust of ”justice” being carried out within a totalitarian regime.

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