Oh these evil, waycist Swiss and their direct representative style of government. How dare they buck the trend and fail to heed the multicultural wind blowing throughout the European continent! They’re supposed to know that national borders are soon to be erased and free passage from one end to the other is to be allowed, and if that means accepting mass immigration of Muslims as well as criminals, well suck it up, this is a new age, a new bold era.

Well, wisely, the Swiss have kept their unique style of government and are not fond of other coming in mucking things up. That’s not to say that the Swiss don’t have their share of doughy headed multicultural socialists who are upset over the new law, they’re all aghast as the rest of Europe. The Swiss must be brought into line with the rest of the EU states or else. But we will just have to wait and see about that, when power is in the hands of the people, the will of the aristocrats will be thwarted time and again.

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Swiss Vote In an ‘Illegal Law’

BERN, Nov 29, 2010 (IPS) – Just a year after banning the construction of minarets, Swiss voters have approved a right-wing initiative demanding the automatic expulsion of criminal foreigners. The initiative violates international law.

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) triumphs: “Swiss vote for SVP!” Indeed, once again the right-wing populist party has scored a remarkable win in a national vote, after 53 percent of Swiss voters expressed their support Sunday for the party’s deportation initiative.

Majorities in Switzerland’s French speaking cantons opposed the initiative, while the Swiss-Germans mostly agreed. There, only in one canton (Basel- City) the initiative failed, while in all others there were majorities reaching as many as 66 percent of the vote.

Human rights organisations such as Amnesty International (AI) are “shocked” by the result. In a statement, AI speaks of a “black day for human rights in Switzerland.” AI says the SVP’s success is based on a xenophobic campaign.

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  1. I find it interesting that the French areas of Switzerland did not approve. You would think what they see in France would make them rush to the polls to approve. Multicults really do have a denial/reality problem in their heads.

    1. Good point John. We have the same phenomenon here in Finland with ethnic Swedes, with the leadership solidly behind the multicultural project, even though it comes at the expense of their own protected status. Go figure.

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