This is a woman to watch out for. If there is anyone going to help shake the Black community in the US from its dependency on Democrat largesse, it’s going to be people like Star Parker and Allen West and other like minded conservative political shakers. The time is ending for the Democrats’ paternalistic manhandling of the black community, with a renewed call for individual responsibility and limited government.
The failed policies of the Democrats in their exclusively run strongholds of the inner cities around the nation has got to end. They’ve decimated these Black communities that have become synonymous with outrageous unemployment, high crime and out-of-wedlock births approaching the 75% mark. The NAACP is in part responsible for the outcome, which fosters dependancy on government largess instead of upon individual responsibility.
Thankfully, people like Parker are there to sound the alarm, and the call for conservative activism, to rebuild this important community. KGS

Race and the 2010 Elections

by Star Parker 

Will the NAACP be celebrating the arrival of two new black faces to the U.S. House of Representatives?

Don’t hold your breath. They certainly will not. These two new black congressmen are Republicans.

There’s a powerful message here that should and must be digested.

We have arrived in post-racial America but establishment blacks – lodged in the political left – refuse to accept it and are doing all they can to get black citizens to refuse to accept it.

The sobering reality is that the black political establishment doesn’t want Dr. King’s dream. They don’t want an America where people are judged by the content of their character. They want an America that is Democrat and left wing and this is what they promote today under the banner of civil rights.

The campaign by the NAACP and leading black journalists – all liberals – to paint the Tea Party movement, the push back against government growth and intrusiveness over the last two years, as motivated by racism is shameful.

Shortly before the elections, the NAACP produced a tome called “Tea Party Nationalism,” alleging racist connections to the Tea Party movement.

The day before the elections, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson wrote a column suggesting that the Tea Party movement was a well funded racist push-back against President Obama which started the day of his inauguration.

More here.

NOTE: Parker may have lost her district race for congress, but she isn’t out, not for a long shot.

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