OBAMA: I know exactly what I’m doing, 
and Saul Alinksy knows too!
As the Finnish media (like Finland’s Center newspaper the Keskisuomalainen exm.) blathers on how great Barack Hussein Obama really is as a US president in spite of his inability to get his message out, that directly caused his party to falter in the recent election, the word is out that top, key Democrat Senators admit that Obama doesn’t know what in the hell he’s doing. That’s the facts to the matter as these top Dems see it. See below why the TT disagrees in part.*
For all you Finns who follow the Tundra Tabloids, you’ve got to ask yourselves why this is, and why do you tolerate your media the way you do. They suck, suck, suck, and one more time for good measure, they suck. But so does much of the US media, but at least there’s diverse opinion out there being heard, which can’t be said here, in the la la land of herd think Finland, where the “official media”, for the most part, lock debate up tight as a drum. As proof, just try to find one news outlet here that solidly rejects man made global warming, or at least admits that there is diverse opinion out there by highly qualified people in the scientific community.
I’ll save you the time to look, there isn’t any media in Finland willing to do so. Al Gore is a god, “The Inconvenient Truth” is the video version of their bible, and the UN is their church of the final say. KGS

 NOTE:* The Tundra Tabloids disagrees with these Democrat Senators in their understanding of Obama’s actions during these past (almost) two years. Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. These top Dems are confused over his actions, because they don’t share with him the same vision of America, if they knew what his goals were, they would understand his moves better, and be mortified, not dismissive.
Obama wants nothing better than to take the US down, lock stock and barrel, to reduce its ability to project its power and to safeguard its interests. The man is a traitor. He’s not stupid, or imbalanced, but ideologically driven. He’s a socialist, of the Fabian order, and when the moment suits him, a more assertive socialist of the Leninist stripe. The following video clip,  h/t Weasel Zippers, show how clueless the people are. The actually think he, Obama, is in over his head, but he’s not. As Mark Levin has stated time and again, he’s a human wrecking ball.

UPDATE: Dems who do not want Obama to run for a second term. From the Washington Post no less. Click here

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